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  1.  A genuine delux edition..


    Not bad, really not bad. When you consider the money charged for stones box sets! ( See stones.com ) this is very good value.
    Contains the 1972 tour film, pus the stones in exile dvd with all extras, plus a further disc with period extras, all set in a hardback photo book from the 72 tour, plus other goodies.. as these things go, dare i say its good value.Film itself is of its time but for fans an interesting snapshot of compared to now a very different band esp.Mick Taylors playing. V.good.
    That said if you alrady own the stones in exile dvd..think carefully..

  2.  The best....improved slightly


    It took me ten years to 'get ' the wall. Bought it as a lad, liked a few songs, thought i 'should' like it more than i did. Was listening in the car few years back and it just 'got' me, it had taken years.... a real grower. The thoughts just clicked "this is the best thing ever". The whole piece, ideas, tunes, dynamic, its bombast and its subtleties.
    Replaced exile on mainstreet as my fave.. a classic.
    This live version sounds even better, the sound richer, more dynamic and the quality of the recording esp. for 1980 is amazing. If you hate waters, floyd, and the wall nothing will probably convert you but if you even have a passing interest invest in this.
    There is a reason its the biggest selling album of the 1970's ( studio version) . Talk about genius out of conflict and strife..
    Oh, plus interviews,photos, a deluxe book etc.. cant go wrong with this.

  3.  Highly readable and well researched...


    Admittedly its my first floyd book , bit luckily i chanced upon a good place to start. Free of pretension, doesnt get stuck down blind alleys ( no 50 pages on a B-side outake from 1968..etc etc) which can afflict subjects that attract obsessives.
    This is also even handed and you can see the hours that have gone into its writing. the blurb review on the back states "an authoritative biography of the band which aspires to be definitive " (METRO) .. for once this rings true. Lets face it with music biography the first two chapters give the game away about what youll be in for , sometimes two pages ..a nice warm smile appeared on gettin stuck into this . i knew i was in for a treat. Buy. Enjoy.

  4. Still Life

    Still Life

    The Rolling Stones - CD

    3 New from  £16.15  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.83

     Snapshot of a great sounding tour.........


    The 1981 tour of north america's sound was not to everyones taste but to my humble ear sounds great. certainly it is vastly different from the stones patented sound of modern era tours (1994 onward). Its generally faster and with a "tighter" drum sound.
    This, boys and girls was IT. The stones were no longer just a sucessful touring rock and roll band, they were legends or should i say they became such with this tour. The demographic had gone into a second genereation with people turning up who had been in nappies when they started in 1963 i.e they were by this time legendary. They were the first rock band to do this and selling tickets on reputation and history but now it seems to be common place.
    This is your opportunity to purchase a piece of modern history. The day(s) when a band band became a brand and led to a multi-million dollar business (for good or ill ....whos to say).
    The above is just guff.. it doesnt matter. Crank the sound up and listen to Duke Ellington's intro tape of 'take the A train' leading into 'under my thumb' it crunches through the speakers 27 years later like an express train. Anyone who disagrees hasnt got their head round who the greatest rock and roll band in the world are.
    Note to all "modern" rock bands. Listen and weep......

  5.  Essential.... a must buy


    Rarely would anyone say that and mean it but its true. Do you watch football matches.... away ? If the answer is yes then invest seven and a half quid in this. Pretty pictures, info on away ends and ticket allocation, local pubs, parking, directions, prices, stadium food, even atmosphere and advice on which provincial towns to keep colours covered up in......or not as the case may be. you need this !

  6.  Good Stuff ... Glanvill hits most bases with this.......


    Chelsea are only my second team really but i plowed through this happily. Its not chronological but instead the chapters are themes with the old and the modern era contained within.
    yes Rick is obviously a Chelsea fan but his bias is not at all intrusive and this really does cover quite alot from 1905 to the second title victory for Mourino. its amazing how the present reflects the past at the Bridge a theme which runs throughout the book. E G how did the club start out in 1905 ? buy buying a load of big time players and being accused of buying sucess !...the more it changes etc........... a fair amount of stuff here and even Chelsea die hards may find new info.
    Note .this will not contain social history like the revolution of the fan base from the struggling days of the eighties with lads on the terraces to £60 a go in the west stand now...... no matter what your individual view on the middleclassification of (premier) league football Rick is a 'company' man .. and sticks to his remit as such. All in all though essential reading for those who like footie books and have even a passing interest in the "famous" CFC.