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  1.  Demons Will Cry!


    After the first Devil May Cry arrived on the PS2, I hoped the second one would have been beter than the original, or just decent. I was wrong... Then came the third. Wow! One of my mates bought it second hand from a game shop locally and we played it all night long, then I find this special edition veriosn for only £11.99.
    Just put my order down, should be expecting it within the week.
    I cannot wait to be honest. Fans of Devil May Cry (Mainly the first and original) Purchase this, you will not be dissapointed!

  2.  Ruby+Saphire=Emerald


    This is literally Ruby and Saphire in one game. One big difference is that you can catch both Groudon and Kyogre at level 70 instead of getting one or the other on their designated game card. Battle frontier adds another interesting aspect to the game, featuring 7 battle towers to compete against to prove your worth as the true Pokemon master!
    With Connectivity to Diamond and Pearl on the DS, this game is worth getting while you can, before you get completely engrossed into the DS versions. Transfer your Pokemon from your Emeerald version onto your Diamond or Pearl via Pal park, they keep the same OT identity and the same items you gave them, however, they dissappear from the Emerald cart forever, so make sure you don't regret it!
    Great game, must have! Best GBA Pokemon game ever, a good GBA send off!

  3.  Highly Useful


    If you are an owner of Final Fantasy X and need any form of help, with anything in the game, and I do mean ANYTHING then this is the thing for you. Screw using online information, this book is official and contains haighly detailed maps and info on anything Final Fantasy X-wise. Add it to your Final Fantasy collection. You won't be dissapointed.

  4.  Holy Hyrulian Triforce!


    If you own a Nintendo Wii and don't have a copy of this, you must be on some form of drug...
    Seriously, buy it! This game is possibly the best game out on the Wii at the moment, if not ever (Despite the releases of Resi 4, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy etc). Not only is this game one of the best games out, only Gamecube and Wii owners have the privalege of playing this masterpiece. Nintendo can never create a more epic experience if they tried, or could they...
    Buy it!

  5.  Wii love the Nunchuck!


    Only two buttons, an analogue stick, an accessories port, and a motion sensor within.
    This piece of kit is awesome, allowing your Wii-mote to double up as a couple of motion sensoring beasts!
    Just plug this little number in and your off!
    Motion sensor technology works an absalute treat, just play Wario ware with this 'balance stone' plugged into the 'form baton' to get some crazy results.
    Twilight Princess uses not only the buttons on the Nunchuk but also the motion sensor.
    Almost every Wii game that is set to release is bound to have the Nunchuck control intergrated somewhere, buy another one, you know you want to!

  6.  This Games Kicks Monster Ass!


    Despite people say that the game is slow to start with, which it is, when you get deep into the quests and play along with friends, it is one of the best games, if not THE best game on the PSP.
    Seriously good investment of £17.00 if your looking for a game to play for months and months.
    Only critisism, it's a bit repetative, and addictive...

  7.  Ahhh, LocoRoco!


    Simply the crazyest, simplest, beautifullest and maddest game ever. Some of the levels like the Ice levels, you just speed through, then theres the mushroom levels with bouncy mushrooms... It's all gone tilt-like in this game. Despite it's not a long game, It makes you want to play it more with it's secret items which can help you to build up your LocoHome. Screenshots, you can Take SCREENSHOTS! With a simple press of 'select' during gameplay, it takes a quick snapshot of the screen and stores it so you can transfer the image file through to your PSP Images folder, make your own LocoRoco backgrounds!
    Please, if you need a decent game for your PSP, already have Monster Hunter, Killzone and Metal Gear Solid, then buy this, it's childish, but by god it's fun!

  8.  Decent piece of Kit by Sony, for once...


    I bought my PSP camera about 4 months ago. Unfortunately, I have only used it about 4 times due to it's unclear image capture. There is alot of 'noise' on the image after taking it. For those who don't know what noise is, it's those really irritating colourful dots that have been placed out of balance with the actual image. It looks cool at a glance, but after you put it onto the PSP, it makes the PSP look like a deformed thing, not the nice rounded shape we are familiar with. My final fault with the camera is that when I plug it into the USB slot, half of the time it doesn't even register into the console as there being a camera present. This is easily fixed by taking it out and putting back in, repeatedly until it works.
    All in all, it is a cool little gadget. It screws into the PSP nicely ensuring it doesn't fall out during those well deserved shots and a nice 180 degree rotating pivot which the camera can spin at. The lens also has a Macro setting which is pretty cool for the close-ups.
    I'd put an average buying price on this at £19.99 because you probably will never use the 'edit' UMD anyways.
    Cool piece of kit, just mobile phone cameras have much better resolution nowadays.

  9.  Holy Pikachu!


    If you have a DS, preorder this.
    It's as simple as that, you need this game, I got mine from the US and wow...
    It has to be not only the best Pokemon game in existence with it's extensive game play, but probably the best game ever in my eyes!
    Best RPG for sure!
    Buy It Buy It Buy It!
    (Well preorder until it's release date)
    You will not be dissapointed, trust me!