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  1.  Surprised


    Outstanding film. The actual hiest has got to be one of the best car chase scenes ever filmed. I always liked these films but this one was briliant. Every actor/actress involved made the right decision. The train hiest in the first ten minutes had me hooked. Justin Lin and Vin Diesal have hit the nail on the head with were they are going with this franchise. top-notch filmmaking.

  2.  Game of Thrones


    Stunning. magnificantly brought to life. Even the soundtrack to the series grows with each episode and character. A true epic that needs to be told.

  3.  Outstanding


    Awesome film. A true masterpiece. This film is one of those rare films that should be filmed and left alone as a single film. Totally captivating in its style. The Comedian rocks and his scenes are the best in the movie despite him dying in the opening scenes.

  4.  deus ex


    Brilliant. I gave it 4 stars due to the amazing addictiveness off this game. Alright there are games with better graphics, but with depth of story and the need to keep playing I cant think of anything better.
    The game runs fine at full spec on my pc, which has a 6 year old dual core processor 3ghz, windows 7 64 bit, 4 GB Ram, Nvidia GTS250 and a dedicated soundcard, so I dont understand the negative reviews about compatibility, Ive got an old, self-upgraded pc and I this game runs without flaw. Game of the year so far, in fact its probably one of the games of the decade. In my opinion.

  5.  tron legacy


    Fantastic film. I seen it in standard cinema in 3d. Music and effects were the best I have ever heard/seen. Story was a bit thin, but as it's supposed to be the first movie in a new franchise, it set up all aspects of theTron universe as required for a multitude of possibilities. 3d was well done, but I still believe more depth is required in all movies which are actually filmed using 3d cameras. Some scenes in this movie are simply stunning and you will revisit them time and time again.

  6.  Good film. Too much going on


    Good film and is interesting to see how one of the most interesting X-men began his story. I still think that from his first scene in X-Men H.Jackman was a perfect choice for Logan and he still is, but the first half of this film is the most interesting as it deals with Wolverines origins the rest is too muddled and tries to deal with too much. Overall still a good film but the first half is the best

  7.  truly a new chapter


    Fantastic idea to make S. Worthington's character the anchor to the whole story. This movie places the events very near our own period of history i.e. using A-10 Tankbuster's in the opening scenes which is a very good take on the whole terminator story. There are some amazing scenes in this film and to McG,s credit they acually rarely involve J. Conner thus still leaving the whole J. Conner saviour of humanity thing still to be told. I gave this five stars for the amazing effects and scenes, S. Worthington's performance, fantastic story telling and addition of the various nods to the previous terminator films. Ties things up nicely but still leaves much more to be told. I did not like the ending but remember it's only the end of this film not the story

  8.  Brilliant. Actually wanted the film to keep going


    Fantastic film, stands out on its own. Blu-ray will be amazing as when seen in the cinema the film is made with a lot of care and attention to detail. Sound is good too. A few good films out in 2009 but so far this, in my opinion, stands head and shoulders over the rest