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  1.  Amazing game!! Buy!


    OK, where do I start. As a hardcore TR fan and playing the games from the start I was very excited and a little worried when I saw this release. The trailers looked good, but the early reviews were doubting and I thought that this game might be another 'shoot em up for money' type of game (cough MetalGearRising cough). Anyway, I bought this game and since have not put it down. It combines, all the aspects of good games. I see it more as a Metal Gear Solid, TR, Uncharted type of game and it really does work. The story line is class and keeps you on edge. Their are times when your left wondering whats around the next corner and allows you to choose your path to complete and objective. And also a wide selection of weapons and techniques to kill your enemies (for all the shoot em up lovers). Over all this game is a triumph, and would recommend to anyone who has enjoyed TR in the past.

  2.  Average tbh! :(


    Well, after a couple good catchy tunes - I expected a very good album from TT. But sadly, it all sounds abit average. Worth a listen though!

  3.  What a suprise!!!


    I hadnt bothered to listen to bomfunk mc since there 'Freestyler' single. But stumbled across these on YouTube and herd some of their recent material. And it is alot better then the freestyler release. Songs are more catchy and easier to listen to and just general class. Wouldnt pay more then £15 for the album tho.

  4.  Same Good Quality From Logitech


    Im a gamer my self, and wanted a decent headset. I bought this headset over a year ago and its still going strong. Its sturdy, i have dropped it, stood on them and its fallen off my desk couple times and its still the same good sound. Had no problems with the sound or the mic at all. 100% good quality.

  5.  A Typical Great Sony Product!


    I steered away from Apple Ipods after recieveing one for free, and the battery life would last for no longer then a day. I have always had sony mp3s, and this replaced my older model which i accidentally got wet (my bad). I was suprised that the player is so small compared to other music players, the touch screen is so responsive and its easy to use. Also sonys sonic stage was a massive fail so i decided to use the windows transfer, but now with this version they have released software which does what its supposed to. Sony have obviously listened to the public and delivered!

  6.  The Prodigy Are Back!


    I had the chance to get hold of this album already, and it is 100% quality. If you are a true prodigy fan you will enjoy this album! They have returned with some sick tunes which are ofcourse in the prodigys own style. 100% brill

  7.  Not as bad as some people point out!


    After mixed reviews about this game, and being a TR fan sinse the start on ps1 i decided to buy this game. Graphics and levels are big and enjoyable. Puzzles are mixed, some are easy and some make you think abit more. Yes the camera angles can get annoying but you can move them your self around lara so not too bad once you get used to it. Apart from that it looks like they have brought the old TR back which is what we all wanted.

  8.  100% Brillient - YOU MUST BUY NOW


    As for playing all of the MGS series, i truly am a MGS fan through and through. Altho i was a little unsure at the begining of this game because of the environment, after playing this game abit more it is truly my best game on PS3. I wont spoil the story line for anyone, but you get to re-visit places that only MGS fans will reconise. BUY NOW!

  9.  Not bad


    Not a bad film, as said above has fighting,football and swearing. Story line was abit obvious but still enjoyable to watch and kept you watching.

  10.  You just cant beat it!


    Im a massive RATM fan, and this has to be one of there best albums. Its one of those cd's which you love every song and it never gets boring. 100% Fantastic!