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  1.  They fit!!


    There isn't a lot that can be said about screen protectors but for what it's worth. These fit exactly on the screen, they don't appear to interfere with the sensitivity and they should protect against scuffs and scrathes over time. They seem to be clear and don't seem to reduce brightness or blur the image in anyway. They are provided with a small cleaning cloth to use before fitting and whilst these sort of things are always a bit fiddly to get perfect, this seemed to go on OK.
    Quite honestly, I think bundling them into three's is a bit of overkill as I think it will be a good while before it's worth changing to the second one let alone the third. This is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 because you are perhaps paying for more than you need. However, as the phone is absolutely brilliant it is worth looking after and keeping for a long time so get these and protect the screen.

  2.  Does what it should.


    I have had one of these for a few months now and can confirm that it pretty much does what is says on the tin. It is a 16GB drive (accepting the difference between GB and gb and that file/operating systems see the capacity differently) and whilst read/write speeds are not the fastest it is perfectly usable which is exactly what I have done.
    It is a plastic housing, but not desperately flimsy feeling and the slideway connector feels robust enough. It is a good compact size and has a keyring connector so you can carry it with you everywhere and have access to an awful lot of files. A few hundred hi-res photos, a bundle of music albums, a few videos and a stack of work files such as excell, word and powerpoint, are not going to fill this up.
    In another few months it seems likely that 32GB drives will be common and cheap, 64GB drives will be freely available and 128GB drives will be expensive but available, in the meantime this is the right size for most things and at the right price point. How can you go wrong at £1 per 1GB.

  3.  Hey, they work!


    These were bought for the kids for school use and so they can swap things with friends or carry music and photos if they want.
    In terms of physical size they are pretty small, perhaps not quite the smallest I have seen but not far off it. This means they can easily be slotted into tight USB slots perhaps alongside another device already plugged in. The silicone sleeve that they are provided with seems likely to add just a little impact protection and should keep them working a bit longer, it also slides off allowing name or ID to be written on and then protected under the sleeve. They have worked in a number of different computers without any difficulty and the speed seems OK if perhaps not exactly blinding.
    It's difficult to get too excited about something as common and to be honest, boring, as a USB stick but these do just what they should in a nice form and size. The removeable cap isn't retained at all would be about the only possible complaint but otherwise they are a good buy, especially at this price for a pair. The storage size of 2GB seems a good useful size balancing the ultimate transfer speed against plenty of space. If you just wanted room for office files then a smaller size would do but to carry an album or two of music, a bundle of photos and maybe a converted DVD these are just about right.

  4.  Great value for money


    This is an update to an older webcam that came bundled with a PC some time ago. It clips on a laptop screen fine and installation was straightforward to get up and running quickly. Image quality is fine and sound quality seems quite good as well. The LED's are a good idea and improve picture quality for something like Skype when you are sat close. The seperate headset is a nice bonus as it can be used on it's own with the older laptop it was bought for.
    At some stage within the next year it will no doubt become obsolete when the laptop is upgraded and a built in webcam will be specified, but for now this does the job very well and at a good price.

  5.  What else would you need?


    The 4gb micro SD card works as you would expect, without any drama and is a reasonable size for phones etc.
    The included mini SD and full size SD adaptors allow use with pretty much any SD capable equipment out there.
    The little USB adaptor finishes the set by allowing use with computers and printers etc that don't have a card reader. As it includes a little protective cover and keyring attachment it is great to carry around with a spare card in it for use anywhere. As a USB memory stick it really is one of the smallest around even if it isn't the fastest.

  6.  A great device!!


    This isn't just a phone, this is a fully featured multi media device.

    As a phone it is simple to use and works well.
    Pretty much all of the other amazing features are intuitive and work as they should. Sound quality is excellent, picture quality is very good. The touch screen really is marvellous and works like a dream as well as showing excellent quality images.
    All the applications seem to work well with Nokia maps particularly looking good to me.
    The only small downside I can see is that battery life can be at a premium when you start to use the various features. It isn't restrictive but with general use you are probably looking at charging every 2-4 days. This is probably good for such a powerful device but I am used to dumb phones that can go for a week or more on a single charge with just light use.

    I can wholeheartedly reccomend this and suggest you get an order in now. Of course Play.com is the place to get them from unless you fancy being tied to a long contract.

  7.  An excellent buy.


    This was mostly bought as a way to get another controller as its the same price as buying a seperate controller. So on that how can you go wrong especially as the conroller comes with batteries and a silicone protector/padded sleeve.
    The games themselves are simple and are as mentioned by others set up to introduce different ways of using the contollers and getting used to them. However, some of the games are fun anyway and a good way of spending some time without getting too het up and serious. If you want a laugh get to the cow racing and try it against a friend.
    These are not complex games with a long work through to get to the end, these are simpler than the Wii sports games but they are still silly fun to pass the time and if you perhaps might need another/replacement controller then don't hesitate, and yes I know there are cheaper non original controllers as I have some of them as well but I am still glad I got this.

  8.  Just a shame there aren't even more songs


    Got this for the family for Christmas and it has turned out to be great fun to play. It is incredibly entertaining for spectators as you watch friends and family trying the dance moves and poses as well as shaking the maraccas.
    Ultimately I suppose it has it's limitations but the songs and rythm are fine to keep you going. A samba version of AHA's Take on me, performed by your wife and a cartoon monkey with a whistle takes some beating.
    Go one, put a grin on your face and get it now while it's cheaper than I paid for it before Christmas.

  9.  The kids can't tell them from the originals!


    OK, I got three of these, one in Black, one in Blue and a Pink one. So all three kids got their own controller (yes one is a girl and it might be stereotyping but she is happier with the Pink than a plain White one apparently) and they know which is their own so it avoids some arguments. As far as I can tell they work just as well as the originals and whilst they have a slightly cheaper feel to the plastic we are talking about a game controller not an expensive fashion item.
    They possibly get through batteries slightly quicker than the originals although that is probably because the kids use them more. However, I have a stack of AA rechargeables these days so there is not a problem.
    At a considerable discount over the official controller and with no apperent drawbacks why wouldn't you get one? and the choice of colours is a bonus.

  10.  Great little laptop and genuinely portable.


    Got this for my son who is now at school and doing a lot of homework now on the computer. It's a great handy size with a clear and sharp screen and the weight means it is possible to carry it around without much difficulty. It runs Vista fine although I would probably have been happier with XP because it's what I run on my Dell.
    The styling looks pretty sharp and has been described as cool so I guess thats OK.
    Features wise it pretty much ticks all the current required boxes with all the right connectivity and enough muscle to run most things at the moment. It's a bit more beefy and just generally more capable than the current netbooks with an optical drive which gets used for watching DVD's and also running a few games. The DVD's run fine and look good on the screen although the speakers aren't really up to a room full of people. Games performance seems OK although I would guess intensive graphics would start to show some of it's shortcomings. However, it's a highly portable laptop not a media and games monster and the battery life as it stands seems decent with the possibility of almost a couple of films back to back if wireless etc is off and lights and sounds are turned down.
    All in all I would recomend this as a full laptop for those that truly want something portable but need full performance. If you want ultimate portability and can compromise then netbooks are pretty good (I have an ASUS 901) for maximum performance you need a PC or huge heavy media laptop but for the best of both you can't go far wrong.
    If you can still get them the Crumpler Gimp sleeve is a perfect made to measure fit and offers great protection, and Play.com of course offer the Acer with there always impeccable service and delivery and at great prices.