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  1.  Dissapointing


    As a very big fan of Velvet Underground it pains me to rate this album only two stars, yet i feel it is their weakest album by far. It begins witht he excellent White Light/White Heat and then suddenly plummits. The Gift is 8 minutes long and is just a story. It feels dreadful and sadly the backing music can not save the boring lacklustre narration. Lady Godiva's Operaton suffers the same boring fate although is an improvement. Here She Comes Now is a return to the good Velvet that i have come to enjoy. Okay the Vocals are hardly brilliant and the lyrics are nothing special ('oh she looks so good, she's made out of wood' haha) but still it's a very good song. I heard her call my name and Sister Ray again feel slightly boring, and very messy- even for who supposedly influenced an era of punk and garage lovers.

    If you wonder that you have heard Sister Ray, go see Joy DIvisions album Still- i would say that version is better- although this is personal opinion.

    Overall this album feels messy and I would advise anyone looking to enter the Velvet Underground universe to start with either thier first album that was messy but still good- or go to the much more polished two later albums. These three albums are classics

  2. Stranded


    Roxy Music - CD

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     Brilliant Album


    I recommend this to any Roxy Music fan, if you don't already have it. The opening song Street Life is an up-beat Roxy classic, then the album shifts into Just Like You, a beautifully crafted love song that uses typical imagery and sayings revolved around love. It's a very very nice song. Amazona is different again, the only thing i can say is how similar it is to Red Hot Chili Peppers, i'm not sure if anyone else found this but i could see them copying this song and pulling it off the same. It's followed by two more pop like songs and then The fantastically dramatic A Song For Europe kicks in with it's clever lyrics and soft voice- twisiting into a dramatic dark ballad if you will. Mother of pearl then takes the speed up as far as the album will alow and quickly goes straight to soft- all in the same song. It's a very interesting song which at first may confuse because it's so typical of what roxy music did best- experiment. The album ends with the slightly dissapointing Sunset- if it wern't for this song the album would probably recieved 5 stars, and i can see other people may like it, but for me it was a very bad choice to end the album. Personal opinion though you may find it to be the best.

    Try this album, it will surely hit many emotions in one large attack with it's many different takes on Music in general. If you can see yourself enjoying Roxy Music then this is a good starting place as it has the eclectic and experimental and the pop ballads that came later for Roxy. Enjoy

  3. Visiter


    The Dodos - CD

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    It's generally an okay album. Some songs are really good and worth a lot of attention (such as Walking, Fools and Winter) then there are average songs that will catch your attention but ultimately it's songs such as The Season that show the main problem. Whilst not being a terrible song it highlights the overall monotonous sound of the album, which is quite lengthy at an hour long. I recommend for indie fanatics or people who just want to try something different, whihc they are, they have a unique sound but it seems thats the only sound they could do. Songs like Jodi and Park give me hope that they will blossom into something well. I also feel this band are the type i would like to see live, they seem like they could suit a live act very well.