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  1.  Supreme!!


    I cant believe the lack of reviews, It seems people are more inclined to moan than to praise. Anyhow this game is immense, incredible, visually brilliant, theres jumpy moments, irritating (but not too much) testing levels, great story, great huge expanse of islands and options. I could go on for ages but its a fantastic enjoyable game in my top five favourite games ever, and Ive been around since Atari and Colecovision days. I would simply say buy it without any doubt.

  2.  old hat and off track


    Ive been a fan since day one and miss the puzzle solving and mystery. The story is so convoluted I cant recall who's who and why anymore. The gameplay is slack the controls are difficult the menus are tricky especially in game. Resident evil 5 was a pleasant detour from the usual gameplay but this just missed the spot totally, I couldnt wait to get it finished so I could move on to something else. Old school RE fans wont like this, the genre is totally flooded for zombie shooters, Resident evil franchise used to have the puzzle solving aspect...not anymore, this is just a cheap shooter with not much to shout about unfortunately.

  3.  Back with a Giggidy bang!!


    Well I have to say it was perfect timing...just as it couldnt get any worse after the third Star wars spin off and a massively disappointing season 8 & 9, Family Guy returns with clever story lines, depth and focus. There are some nice (if not slightly overdone) animation techniques being used and the episodes are better than anything gone before. Its kinda grown up. This season covers some interesting angles, notably the Stewie & Brian episode which left me pretty surprised at the writing and psychological content about the human condition. Its been a joy to watch this series really come of age with more intellect and direction along with keeping its uniqueness. Gotta say I take my hat off to the Family guy team, I really thought they had blown it.

  4.  "Straight to a sound boy"


    As soon as the first audible sound hits your ears you know it, you know it well and truly...This is Dreadzone.
    The choice of track to get this album started is not perchance the single mix of Zion Youth lets you know youve put the right album on and starts you on a journey of sixteen of the finest tunes you could ever bless your senses with. .... Dreadzone paradoxically manage to have their own inimitable sound whilst boasting a ridiculously diverse eclectic mix of back catalogue this album delivers over and over that unique Dreadzone sound.
    1993 seems a long time ago for most of us but there is not a single song that seems remotely dated Eighteen years of creating the Dreadzone experience just cannot be translated to one album but fear not this album will satisfy long time fans and newcomers alike.
    With tunes from 1993s 360 degrees, 1994s Performance, 1995s Second light, 2001s Sound, 2005s Once upon a time and 2010s Eye on the horizon It is huge testament to the band to recognise the monumental tracks that are absent from this album. Possibilities of a chilled collection of instrumentals and a possible follow up (Volume 2) and a reissue of 360 degrees have been hinted at by Mr Dread himself
    Also evident is the nature of this album, It is fair to say each Dreadzone album has its own unique flavour yet this compilation runs effortlessly as if it was designed and created for a linear experience. Timeless tunes continue, giving that warm glow and happy feeling that only The Dreads can supply.
    Five songs in and having been treated to Little Britain, Ali Baba and Captain Dread, we get our only taste of Once upon a time with the unmistakeable Iron Shirt, Max Romeo would be anything but upset to hear this unabashed Dread tune with Earl and Spee taking the microphone honours Dread style.
    Mid album is where the meat is and Return of the Dread and Fight the power really beef up the vibes, It is at this point in the album that you realise the skill taken to structure the album, as we play out slowly to Gangster, I Know, Title track The good the Bad and the Dread, Different planets and finally American dread. The listener feels taken on a journey, at least this listener did!!
    In the midst of all this we have such anthems as Life Love & unity, House of dread, Biological radio and Digital Mastermind. All angles covered by The Dreads...Eighteen years of music making expertly cut and cropped and planted on a disc which leaves you satisfied yet absolutely begging for more...

  5.  Absolutely rubbish!!!


    I was eagerly anticipating this game as a new franchise to get my head into...I was not familiar with the first game and after watching the trailers I was very impressed. But.....I have now played this almost half way through (And I know I should possibly refrain from judging it before completion) But I cant hold back, The visuals really dont compensate for the bad story, ridiculous game play, Boring monotonous missions with so many rip offs in the game. Cloaking sound from predator, mission voice from Saw etc...boring boring boring, The voice is difficult to hear, the on screen mission briefs are all now done with HD Tv in mind so are nearly impossible to read also. In short the graphics are good but the rest of the game plays like a half decent PS2 game from 15 years ago.......Not worth the effort.

  6.  Too early to rate too concisely.....But!!!!!!


    Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh!!! Lookin good, pleased I ran through number 2 to refresh my memory as it carries on straight from the last scenes...I absolutely love it, a good blend of all a game should be, stealth, all out bulletfest, stunning visuals and a continuation of characters and plot which have really become a stalwart in the gaming world. I am about an hour in and I know there is a ton more to come from the trailers.....Awesome game, awesome franchise. Well worth waiting for.

  7.  Engrossingly brilliant again!!!


    I love this franchise...as a survival horror fan I loved the first game and was eagerly anticipating this sequel. Isaac is a character you can easily link with and the story, graphics, engine, dynamics, ideas and imagery are all absolutely brilliant. The **** your pants moments are as frequent as the first game and the weaponry etc has been modified for a greater game all round, nicely evolved from Dead space number one. I hope they maybe make a trilogy from this and end it all with one last game although it isnt clear that this is a definite. All round if you like Resident evil/Killzone/Doom//Gears of war...this would surely be up your alley. Thanks for a superb couple of weeks gaming....I might just run through number one again as I await Killzone 3.

  8.  Surprisingly good.


    After reading all the reviews on other sites I was pleasantly surprised at a) The length of the DVD...About an hour and three quarters and b) The amount of stuff I hadnt seen before. There is of course bits that we have all seen including Daves Vomlette although there is a nasty twist to this cooking lesson. Well worth a few quid of anyones money. Enough said.

  9.  Mediocre and a timely end.


    Well as in other family guy reviews, I have to re-iterate what I have already said. My view is that it seems as if the end is near. I have enjoyed Family Guy immensely but these Star Wars spin offs sum up the whole state of affairs for me. Its beginning to dare I say it Peter out.This was ok, funny in a few parts and a huge deal better than I expected, the extras are a bit poor, same old stuff really, gimmicks and flash packaging, I only bought this version as I had bought the other two. I think its due to the other projects ie American dad and The Cleveland show, that Family guy has suffered and gotten much less funny, this made me laugh a few times and was in my opinion better then the entire season 9. That said I still expect a whole lot more and feel its time they either focused on the Griffins or cut it loose to stick with American dad....The Cleveland show is just offensive to fans. Lets hope they dont do the Star Wars prequels on this showing.

  10.  Very poor. Infact its Dead Space!!!


    AAAaaaaaaaah the prequel!!! Something of a phenomenen. George Lucas gave new life to the psychology of the prequel, It seems to instill great expectations in us as humans, obviously a human condition. The question is why? I dont really think we all need to know what went befroe especially as in both cases when its roughed up and rushed thorugh for financial gain.....ooh cynicsm. Heaven knows how EA managed to get the Manga connection stamped on this....the animation is middle ofthe rd and the story is empty and only explains what anyone who played the game aready knew. It was a bad waste of time in my opinion. I look forward to the sequel game and know full well that prequels to games/films and books will still always have me over a barrel because its a human weakness I guess. Manga rocks but this doesnt, very poor from every or any angle you might wish to see it.