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  1.  Fantastic


    A friend of mine found this band when told me about them, and aren't I glad he did? As Maarkface wrote, a few of the choruses do sound similar, but being as they're all really good anyway I didn't find that too much of an issue. There is enough variation there to keep you listening and to make you want to listen through plenty of times. His vocal range is very impressive and the rest of the band are equally good at what they do, the mix of hard hitting drums, ripping guitar solos and the subtle piano/keyboard in the background really work well together.
    I don't think I would've found this band if it wasn't for my friend so if you know anyone who you think would like them, pass it on because it's the best listen i've had in a while!

  2.  The level of destruction is amazing.


    And i think that's the main reason for the switch to 3rd person, simply so you can see just how much detail has gone into it and how much of a building you can break. I think perhaps an option to switch between 1st and 3rd person may have been a good idea to please everyone, although it did not put me off at all. It's just great fun to hijack a tank and plough it through the middle of an EDF outpost or set a load of charges on the bottom of a building and watch it crumble as you leg it into the distance. The only problem i have with this is the sheer amount of EDF soldiers who come to intercept you. They are neverending and unless you can make a swift getaway from the area you will soon be gunned down. This may be me just being a little newbish but i did see myself getting shot to bits relatively quickly on a few occasions. This doesn't stop me giving the game 5 stars as i think it's great fun.

  3.  The multiplayer is a must!


    I played this with a friend and we really enjoyed it. It poses a nice challenge and the rpg element just makes you want to keep playing to see what you get later on in the game. The amount of weapons is impressive, with little changes on each new one you find. Scopes, clip size, fire rate etc varies with each weapon and they can even come with incendiary rounds, shock rounds etc which can really lead to some fun combos. I didn't play on my own but i can see that becoming a bit of a struggle unless you enjoy the grinding element of rpgs. Overall a very nice game.

  4.  Best value out there..


    For the money you get such a great deal.
    Portal is perhaps the most genius game i have ever seen and the money i paid was worth it just for that game alone. Obviously the Half Life series is the main part of this collection but you get all that plus an incredibly addictive online shooter in Team Fortress 2.

    Worth the buy.