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  1.  Brrrriliant game


    Absolutely fantastic gameplay, great sound, excellent storyline and the use of the touch screen is sublime. Dont even hesitate to buy this! especially at that price! This game is fantastic!



    A great way to resurect a cult classic! so the story was a lil far fetched, but hey so r the originals! theyre all based around myths nd legends. fact or fiction this film has great action sequences which have made this franchise so great. the only gripe i have with it is cate blanchett she is how can i put this...... rather awful as a russian "psychic". Ray winstone is great and is starting to get the roles he has deserved for so long. So what if Harrison Ford is older, that adds to its charm! he mite only just be able to do the stunts but thats his age coming out and that is great! its very amusing when you see him make a leap nd he only just makes it. With the possible anouncement of Indy 5 this could become a classic jst like the rest of em!

  3.  Overlook The Writers Strike


    Im not going to pretend that this a full season because i was savagely disapointed when i found out it was only 12 episodes and that was it. But this is a great 2nd season and 1 that delivers many answers and also many more questions. The edition of new characters was inevitable and i found them most wecolme as this brought more twists to the already great story. The perfect intertwining of the stories always left me wanting more as i couldnt wait for the next episode just like the first season. If you want it to add to your collection maybe wait for a drop in price? Or if you love heroes dont even hesitate in purchasing this!

  4.  Amazing


    This film is awesome, i dont care what anyone says. Clive Owen is badass he really takes the bull by the horns in this role stepping up 2 the plate time and time again. Paul Giamatti is great as a bad guy in this awesome orgy of gun porn. with the awesome john woo style gunplay im suprised this wasn't more popular. A must buy for all action film fanatics.

  5.  Entertaining & Full of Great Gunplay


    Firstly what i will say about this fil is whats with the 18 classification? Should have been a 15! Anyway the films lead roll is played by a sterling James McAvoy with Angelina playing the bad ass Fox. McAvoy is great in the beggining playing the loser who cant do nothing who then becomes a awesome killing machine. The 1 character i was unconvinced by was Morgan Freeman, i just dont think he was right for the role, Samuel L Jackson would have been better suited for the role. The CGI is great as you would expect from a guy who brought us Daywatch and Nightwatch. This film has great plot twists and is really in your face all the way through. With a well suited ending in proper comic book style.