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  1.  Why Do


    All people review every other fps to cod4 or 5, they are seperate games & each game is bound to be different online.

    This game has its own unique style & is very fast paced.
    The online play is brilliant.
    Truely a game that takes a while to get used to but worth it in the end

  2.  Season 3 - One Of The Best!


    Season 3 is by far the best of the soul society saga. I wont go into detail for those who may not of seen the episodes already but for the price i highly reccomend adding these episodes to your collection.

    Neco Mortus

  3.  4 Years Waiting For This!?


    When i first heard about this game 4 years ago i was excited about it, each year we got more & more clips, pictures & news & it looked amazing!! Alot of people like me saw this long before it was released & were really excited about being able to sandbox your own creations through what seemed a never end cycle of possibilities...

    But alot of people like me then where dissappointed in the childish, easy, none exsistent game which is spore!

    I give three stars for the creature creator!

    Neco Mortus

  4.  Haze


    Everyone has opinions, True? Well yes ive read many bad reviews from this & i dont see where they can back up there words. Many people bought this because it was made by the same people who made timesplitters a good game in itself but what people seem to be doing is relating it to call of duty 4. You cant relate the two.

    Haze is a unique game with some strong points & some weak ones.

    Yes the graphics are not up to PS3 standards, Yes the story can be completed pretty easily but it has a compelling storyline & the online mode is good aswell. You cant compare this to Call Of Duty 4 because they are both two different styles of FPS. Haze has a different style just like timesplitters had. Go Back in time if Call of Duty Had been out at the same time as Timesplitters!!

    My Opinion Great Game, Worth a buy if you get a little fed up of ordinary FPS

    Neco Mortus

  5.  Hooked From The First Go! Go! Go!


    When I First Played the game on Missions, I Thought, Good story, good gameplay, Very Realistic To Modern Warfare, The Sounds, The Experiance. Everything has been covered. Then I Went Online! & Now No Other Game Goes Into My PS3, Maybe the odd blu-ray film but this game will have you hooked from the first GO! GO! GO!!!

  6.  An Epic Masterpiece


    I first watched this film when it came out in cinema!! & wow its such a white knuckle film!! your on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film!! chris o donnel plays an excellent character & the entire film is amazing!! Recommend!

  7. Blooddrunk


    Children Of Bodom - CD

    1 New from  £200.00  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.68

     A Bodom Milestone


    Having already heard "Tie My Rope" & "Banned From Heaven". This Is going to be one great album. From Finland Bodom Continue To Amaze Crowds around the world with their unique sound & style. With Alexi Laiho Leading this 5 Piece Heavy Metal Band, With Pumeling Double Bass, Shredding Guitar Solos & Crazy Fast Keyboard Solos! This Is Going To Be The Heaviest Bodom Album Yet!

    Quotes Alexi:
    "This Album Will Be Like A Punch In The Face, An Antidote For All The S!#T In Your Life"


    Neco Mortus

  8.  You Think It Is Over....


    But The Games Have just begun...

    This is the 4th installment of the Saw films. So mind numblingly twisting. Its Great how the writers have managed to write a good plot & maintain its SAW quality. I agree with a down review of ending on a high, I agree slightly but with there being 2 more films to come yet with the same writers...

    I personally think SAW fans are not going to be disappointed!! SAW 4 is a must have for any movie fanatic like myself. Great Plot, Great Actors, All Around Great Movie....

    (This film is not for the feint hearted)

    Thanks For Reading
    Neco Mortus

  9.  Most Musicals Are terrific this one however!


    is absolutly pathetic...

    what on earth were disney thinking when they cooked up the first one.

    all the voices are computer modified to hit the right pitch & its just a really bad story.

    Compare it too original musicals such as: Wicked, Phantom Of The Opera, Avenue Q, Monty Pythons Spam-a-Lot.

    This Film Is Shouldnt Be Classed as a musical & should not be introduced to the public

  10.  More Than A Online Game


    This game takes us into the new generation of online gaming. The stunning fact of not having to pay for monthly subscriptions really is an added bonus plus the games are absolutly fantastic. Nightfall the latest installment to the guild wars phenomenom takes place in a new area to prophecies & factions but add's the fact that you can travel back to them if you own the games.

    Graphics: Stunning, the only word that can describe them, the landscape goes for miles on your screen & yet its all beautifully rendered to make the player feel like your there. The character & monster detail is out of this world by imagination & cannot be topped.

    Gameplay: ENDLESS....... ive been playing guild wars since it came out & i still havent got bored of it. Im still enjoying every new part of land im uncovering & the missions never end.

    Overall: Buy It! if your pc has the requirments for the game.. BUY IT. you will not be dissapointed.

    Thanks for reading.

    Ben Nuttall