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  1.  Awesome game but so many bugs


    This game is a definite improvement on the original and is so much fun to play. If you liked the first game you are going to love this game. The faction warfare is great fun and you'll sometimes find yourself not bothering with main storyline, even though the story is alot better than the original. This is definitely a game you won't want to rush through, you totally feel like your a stalker in the zone. One of the best new features in this game is the ability to upgrade and repair your weapons and armor, which actually gives you a reason to spend your money which i've got to say is alot harder to come by. The graphics are superb although you will need one hell of a systems to play this on absolute maximum settings. Now the bugs in this game, will come at you from nowhere and the patch doesn't really help that much at the moment. The patch was supposed to make the game 5-10% more optimized, but it actually has made this game harder to play and I had to lower my graphics settings in some situations. Whether you want to buy this game at the moment is totally up to you and although its really buggy at the moment and you might want to wait for another patch to be released, £17.99 is a steal for a full game and this price might not last forever.

  2.  Good film


    Good film. I don't understand what all the fuss is about though, when I went to see this at the cinema I wasn't stuck to my seat throughout. Theres alot of tense moments that had you on the edge of your seat, but there was also alot of stuff that didn't really make sense and I've seen tense done alot better than this. It has quite a few great scenes but I enjoyed Avatar ALOT more. I'm giving it four stars because that's what it deserves, nothing more and nothing less. Definitely did not deserve the Oscars it won though. Best Film and Best Director!!! Really!!!!????

  3.  Fantastic!!!


    I honestly don't understand how great games like this get torn apart by some reviewers, when FFXII scored huge in reviews and I just felt no life in it. The characters were boring and I didn't feel any reason to continue the quest.
    FFXIII on the other hand has a fantastic character and world driven story, that really drives me to continuing the adventure. I'm loving the fast paced combat, really keeps you on your toes and interested. The characters are very cool, although I can tell some people will find some of them annoying. Its not really an open world like FFXII, but I really disliked that game. FFXIII really focuses on the story and characters which is what XII should have done. All in all this game is great and I hope it sells well because it deserves it.

  4.  Love it or hate...I love it!


    This game definitely has the marmite syndrome, of you either love it or you hate it. I loved every minute of this game, from the amazing story to the great gameplay. This also has the best voice acting I've ever heard in a video game. Just an amazing franchise has been created here.

  5.  This is Assassin's Creed Perfection


    Having played the first Assassin's Creed on release day as well, which was a good game but it missed a good story and depth. Assassin's Creed 2 on the other hand has been beaten and moulded into perfection.

    There's alot of small things about this game that are done so well as well, but I'll start with the big stuff. The world is huge and the environments are so detailed. The story is very deep and by the end you really feel really connected to the Character you play Ezio. One of the main things I love about this game, is theres alot more variety in missions and also in combat. Combat now has several different ways to take down targets and also escape methods which are really handy when your surrounded or you just cannot be bothered to fight. This game also has an economy system, which works around you getting money from missions and then using that money to upgrade items or your villa, which increases the value of the villa and thats gives you more money.

    This game will keep you constantly entertained and I can tell you, you will not get bored while playing through this game. Its very difficult to put down and not only that but its pretty long as well, especially compared to the first one.They really have done a fantastic job of the sequel, everything has been made better and after seeing the end I'm really looking forward to the next one.

    I'm gonna have to give this a 10/10, because I can't really fault it on the single player experience and although it has no multiplayer, I don't know how they could incorporate a multiplayer into it (maybe the next one :) ).

  6.  Best game of this year!


    I turned on my PS3 and put in Uncharted 2 and immediately, I realised this is the best presentation on a game I've ever seen on a console. The environments are beautiful and so detailed, and the character models and animations are so life like it takes your breath away. I found myself laughing to myself, not because I thought this game was a joke, but because I couldn't believe my eyes half the time.
    This game isn't just great entertainment, its a work of art, even small things like the way the camera moves in certain situations just really brings this game to life. The cutscenes are great at telling the story and just make you drool at the level of detail put into Uncharted 2.
    I'm near the end of the storyline now and this game just keeps getting better and better, I keep thinking to myself theres noway they can top that chapter it was awesome, and then Uncharted 2 still surprises me by throwing a mind blowing chapter in. Some of the most amazing chapters in the game take place in moving landcapes, which is quite incredible to see as you see the environment wizzing by you as you are battling your way through enemies. I haven't even got onto the multiplayer, which I cannot wait to try out.
    If you haven't bought this yet, BUY IT NOW! I cannot reccommend this game enough, it is the best game of the year.

  7.  Golden Compass


    It's so horrible seeing all the poor reviews this has been given on the DVD version. I felt this was a fantastic book to movie adaptation. I've read all the books and it felt like the characters were picked out of my head and put on the screen. The acting is superb and the acting of the 12 year-old Dekota Blue Richards is amazing for her age. Alot better acting than Daniel Radcliffe and his crews performances. This film is great and loved every minute of it and watching the visual effects is even better in HD. This film is a great adaptation and is definitely worth a watch and made me want to read the books again (which are also worth a read if you haven't already).

  8.  Golden Compass


    Wow! I'm actually amazed how many people hated this film. I've read all the books several times and to me it felt like the characters were just picked out of my head. I thought the actors involved were spot on and it stuck to the storyline of the book well, considering some book to movie films don't stick to the story very well. Also I was seriously impressed with the acting of the 12 year old Dakota Blue Richards, she is a very impressive actor for her age. I'm also looking at other reviews and alot of people seem to be comparing this childrens book movie to lord of the rings, which is stupid. In conclusion, I felt this was a really well done adaptation and I just hope they make the other two movies. Brilliant!

  9.  Omg!


    OMG! That was all i could keep saying to myself when I saw this film. From the start to finish i just kept saying "omg", everytime someone blew up or was killed in some drastic way. It was fantastic! Although it was a little bit short for my liking, but i don't know how much more of it i could have taken after the last 20 - 30 minutes of the film. Brilliant Action Movie!

  10.  Visually Stunning and Horrifying


    Wow! I bought this today and it is brilliant. I heard alot of good things about this game and the reccomendation from the official xbox magazine ("Must Buy!") sealed the deal for me. The improvement visually is huge, it looks so real now its scary. The combat system has improved, allowing the player to control both hands or what way you swing your weapon and theres a new combo system which is cool. There is alot of new features in this game compared to the first, and i could go on all day. This game is awesome and definitely a must buy (as long as your old enough to get it that is).

    Superbly life like and a real terror, you have got to get this.