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  1.  Grand Theft Ponies!


    It's ridiculous how much I LOVE this game! I have no idea how Rockstar come up with such simple characters and concepts but when they do, it always really hits the mark!

  2.  Torchwood Plus


    I loved this series. I was a late-comer to Torchwood, but after this I bought all the box sets. As for people complaining that it was too "OTT", the first series had Abaddon, the Egyptian God of the dead!! Yes, it was "Americanised" (not a word, the term is "Localised") but that was to widen the appeal. If Russell T. Davies wanted to write a series specifically for the British fans, he never would have tried to export it overseas. Besides, it's got Bill Pullman!! What more do you people want?!?!

    I did have a *few* niggles with the series: firstly, people seemed to get over Oswald Danes being an inhuman monster pretty quickly, which didn't seem that realistic a reaction to me. Yes, it was a plot point but it should have taken more than 1 episode of him grovelling. Secondly, in previous series the gay undertones was downplayed, especially in the subtle and developing relationship between Ianto and Jack, but in this one it's just right there in your face. I have no problem with that, but it was better when it was subtle.

    Other than that, Miracle Day was a damn fine series, and if it is to be the last, a fantastic way to end the show.



    As a 17-year veteran of the Games Workshop hobby, Space Marine is a dream come true. A video game where you can actually BE a Space Marine!

    The game starts with you jumping from an orbital transport, called a Thunderhawk, right into the middle of a War Zone. From there, you have to use your wits, your weapons and sometimes just sheer brute force to rendez-vous with your team-mates then fight your way through a horde of belligerent, hostile aliens called Orks.

    The game is fantastic as it sets the scene right away without assuming a huge level of prior knowledge about the 40Kniverse or even the GW Hobby. It really is a game you can just pick up and play to ruin some green gimmers weekend by inserting a chainsword into his face.

  4.  A Strategy Masterpiece


    This is not a game for the slow-witted. Build your empire around one planet, or expand to the systems beyond? Bribe pirates to fight your battles for you, or conquer the galaxy by yourself? One minute you've a mighty fleet guarding your home planet, waiting to jump to the next system and smash the opposition into a fine space-pulp, next thing you know you've a few frigates and a heavily-damaged battleship.

    That's the beauty of this game though. One minute you feel like the king of the galaxy, next you're a total peasant. Play smart and the rewards are yours, make stupid decisions and you will pay!

  5.  Heroes and Villains Wanted: Saving The World Optional


    You start out as a prisoner in the imperial jail. What did you do? Doesn't matter: its what you do next that matters. You witness The Emperor getting murdered a bit, but before you see his early appointment with Mr Pointy The Dagger Of Doom, he gives you an Amulet which nobody but the next Emperor can wear. You're supposed to give it to some monk or another that is his secret son. Or, like me, you can sell the Amulet and buy yourself some decent armor and weapons, as well as a horse. The game doesn't force you to be a good guy or penalize you heavily or unfairly for being a bad guy. It lets you be you. Sure, you can save the worthless peasants of various villages, but that doesn't mean you can't slaughter them later on either!! Kudos, Belthazar, I am your fan!

  6.  Sam And Max Hit The Awesome Button


    This game is as funny, witty, outlandish, odd and plain great as it was when it was first unleashed on an unsuspecting world! Sam, a somewhat nihilistic Canine Detected and his borderline psychotic Lagamorph (don't call him a rabbit!!!) are hired to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a local carnivals Bigfoot. Only LucasArts could get away with a game that involves the plot, bungee jumping from a presidents nose, the worlds biggest ball of yarn, and these two morally-grey characters!! Kudos!

  7.  Painfully Funny


    If you don't laugh at Peep Show, check yourself into the nearest A&E as you may well be dead.