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  1.  Really really poor


    Campaign: same thing as always. Corridor shooter, no variety. Every mission is shooting a lot of bad guys in different settings. Nothing new and a pretty weak story.

    Zombies: only thing that saves this game from being the worse one yet. Good variety in modes eg TranZit. kept me entertained for a couple of days.

    Multiplayer: Worst part of the game. It set out to reward people playing the objectives and it does but it also allows people to sit in corners, not move all game and do very well. The addition of combat training with the added twist of going against other people online was interesting but this doesn't actually count as a proper game even though you gain xp. This wouldn't be a bad thing except a few people just stay on that to level up and don't go online. If you like sitting in corners, using explosives and just pay the game to make others hate you then you'll love this game.

    If your looking for a decent game that will keep you entertained for hours, that has plenty of variety and won't make you wanna sell said game after one week then steer clear.

  2.  NEARLY everything I expected


    This game was pretty much what i expected, not a bad campaign, a bit short and the graphics a little glitchy but nevertheless not a bad campaign. Online is goood, not to everyones liking granted, but the guns are good and realistic and the maps aren't too bad.

  3.  Not bad for a tenner


    I didn't really know about his game until I saw it in the shop I thought I would buy it because its only a tenner. It has a good story line to it but most people don't really care about that. The action is good but you could do with a more wide variety of weapons, I found that I was going through the hole game with the same weapons but it didn't really bother me. Probably could also do without the long drive to Rachel aswell because I found myself driving for about 10 mins with only 1 or 2 stops.

    If you've got a tenner and a couple of hours to kill i would advise you buy this.

  4.  WOW!


    This game is amazing! I wanted this game for a very long time, when i got it I found it was well worth the wait, the single player is good, i like the weapons and some of the missions were the best missions i have ever seen been played on a 360.

    The online play is even better the ability to customise each weapon is very good and its different every time, the add on map pack is good and boasts a wide variety of sniping and close quarters to suit everybody

    They will have to go some way to beat it in COD: Modern warfare 2

  5.  Good


    I found each assaination was the same as the last but i still wanted to go on mainly to see what would happen and to unlock new weapons, probably could do without riding on horseback to locations but besides that a really good game