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  1.  Sopranos Box Set


    I received this box set as a birthday gift from my son. had seen several episodes over the years but had missed an awful lot. We put off watching it for a couple of months as we figured there was a lot of viewing hours (and there was.)In October I had 2 weeks holiday and we were stopping at home my wife and i decided to start watching. We got hooked and watched the whole thing.I can't imagine anyone not liking this.The acting is supreme the storyline, rooted in a lot of factual occurrences in organized crime is fascinating and totally believable.Up there with The Godfather ,Goodfellas Etc. For anyone who likes Gangster Flix this is an absolute must. Buy you won,t be disappointed

  2.  Bronson


    Luckily I held off going to the cinema to see this film. I got hold of a dvd and was looking forward to watching an account of what must be one of the most intriguing cases in recent years. This man named Bronson, the stories are legion, Britains hardest prisoner, refusing to bend to the system,six gaurds to restrain him etc. What a wasted opportunity this film is. Tom Hardy turns in a good performance as Bronson but the directing is to preoccupied with shocking us or being clever with the dreadful and tiresome theatre scenes.I plodded on with this film and it got no better sensationalising at every opportunity. There seemed to have been little research involved here, I new no more about what makes Bronson tick than before watching it. This was a cop out, concentrate on the obvious stuff and don't bother with the deeper issues. Avoid unless it comes on the telly and then maybe