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  1.  NFSUC: Terrible Game


    I can not understand at all how people honestly think that this game is good, at all! The Graphics seems to be the biggest hit with most people so I'll start with that.

    The graphics in this title are boring, seen it before, can't be arsed to make a proper gaming engine EA speciality! You can clearly see where the frame rate dies and freezes, the rendering is sketchy, if you look closely its bland even for High Def gaming.

    The game mechanics are awful, its far too fake, im not trying to compare to simulation racers but its just not driving at all its just sliding. There is no damage mechanic so it doesn't matter how much you smash your car it just bounces off the walls and other cars without a single scratch.

    Story line is dull, and predictable, acting is quite good becuase of the amazing looking women in it. Had to be said.
    Way too many loading screens even with the hard drive saves that you can exploit now, every time you finish an event or cinematic there is a loading screen!
    The races themselves are dull and boring, the AI is rubbish they barley know you're there!

    This game is basically a terrible copy of the Burnout series and previous NFS games, if you don't like simulation but you do enjoy more arcade like style racing get either a PGR tile or the latest Burnout. That way you wont be wasting your money.

  2.  Had a real chance to be good but....


    This is such a disappointment, it was all hyped up to be a real challenger to Golden eye but it doesn't even make it over the first hurdle.

    Let's start with the fact that I am a FPS gaming veteran, there are few I haven't played. This game is basically a poorly modded version of other games mechanics. For example the cover system is a very poor Gears of War copy, it doesn't work properly, half of the objects in the game bond doesn't cover behind properly.

    The Call Of Duty 4 engine is the best part of this game but a poor adaptation, as the destructible cover system doesn't work the same including how the enemies die once shot, bad rag doll animations.

    As for the Graphics its not too bad its actually quite good but then again most next gen games are these days. The game is to short and easy, part of the simplicity is down to the health system, its to easy to stay alive even after taking fire because you just heal too quickly.

    As for the multiplayer its awful, I played one game and just quit straight after.
    You might as well just play COD4 which is a far better version and not just borrowed mechanics from another game.

    Overall it gets 1 star because Graphics just don't count as a game quality especially went its nothing special, more likely sort of what you would expect for £40. At this time when you have games like Gears 2, Halo3, Far Cry, Fable 2... the list goes on I can think of far better games to spend my money on.

  3.  Outstanding Quality but just V.BIG


    When I clicked the buy button I don't think I really thought through how big these headphones were going to be. They are with out a doubt quite Big however they do not look so ridiculous as similar previous models have.

    That is the only downside considering you have three sizes of ear clips to select from, I have to have large because I have Big ears lol.
    The Quality gets 5 star because the sound is truly outstanding, just the right amount of bass and the sound splitter is brilliant even the smallest detail is noticeable.

    Once you have found the size that best fits you they are extremely comfortable, they feel far better than standard earphones and sometimes you forget they are even there!

    For £10 (03/06/08) which I bought them for they are an absolute bargain!! Best pair of headphones I have bought and I have been through a lot!!
    My last pair was SkullCandy ear plugs and they are great but twice if not three times the price and the buds are very easy to lose and almost impossible to get more outside the US!

    I will finish buy saying:
    Sound Quality Outstanding 5/5
    Very Comfortable with the three sizes to choose from 5/5
    Visual Impact not too bad considering their size 4/5
    Creative are also very good at customer service from my experience so not problems if they break.

    Final verdict 5/5
    Hope this helped, Aaron

  4.  Need To Know, Then read me


    After reading most of your comments a lot of people are commenting about compatibility with gaming consoles so I will start there.
    Both of the latest HD platforms (ps3/xbox360) work with this tv, it has an excellent resolution for the screen size and the contrast of 3000:1 is 3x better than that of the more expensive samsung 19".
    LG are one of the leading manufacturers of LCD tv's so quality is guaranteed, this tv supports VGA which is a high standard of screen quality and will definitely support 720p and more than likely 1080i for a xbox360, just in case if you were to purchase this tv and a 360 console in the system blade of the console dashboard their is a HD support section which will test your tv for the best HD setting for your tv.
    What you will be let down by however is the sound quality and quantity of ports for scart and other devices, this generates a problem for those who wish to connect both a console and digital tv box at the same time as there is not enough ports for them both. This tv doesn't support HDMI, however on a tv of this size it wouldn't make much of a difference I promise you!
    For the money this is an excellent tv if you are not planning on spending too much on a tv, however those people who wish to run a Nintendo wii i would seriously reconsider and buy a tv a no less than 26" because this will seriously decrease gaming pleasure.
    To finish this can also be used as a pc or external laptop monitor, which means you can view HD content from the Internet plus you will be saving money when it comes to upgrading your pc!
    Hope this was of some help!
    Aaron A from Crewe

  5.  Brilliant...Probably one of the best but only for a time!


    They are some of the greatest earphones ever made but as what was said before in a previous review one of the earphones breaks after about 3-4 months and I have no idea why! So if you want cheap but good go for these but not reliable after a time. Want the reliability factor as well then go for the £15 Sony plug earphones, now they really are some damn good quality earphones!

  6.  Incredible!!!!


    I have a BOSE Lifestyle system and this is absolutely amazing!!! A lot of words to describe it but I think amazing is probably the best!