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  1.  Whip-cracking good fun!


    I got this today from Play.com and immediately put it in my Wii.I had already played Lego Star Wars I and II on PS2 and both of them were brilliant.I couldn't wait for this one.First off,the characters in this look really shiny and everything has a nice feel to it.The HUB in this game is Barnett College,where Indy works.Instead of going into a room like Lego Star Wars,instead you will choose your level on a map.This puts the feeling of being Indy into the game.There is a lot to do and you will be playing for ages.And with Free Play,the replayability is unbelieveable.This game is just as solid as Lego Star Wars I and II.You can also use your enviroment,as it is Indy.It has more puzzles and sometimes,you will get stuck.But when you work it out,you will think"That's clever!"This game also has the character creator mode from Lego Star Wars II and I didn't use it much in that,but in this,it somehow feels cooler.I really am enjoying playing this and it was money well spent.You can also use weapons from the floor such as bottles and chairs.And there are loads of characters to play as.So,JhonnyVincent says buy Lego Indiana Jones:The Original Adventures,you will not be disappointed and it will be worth every penny!

  2. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


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     It's come a long way!


    This is the first Fifa game I've played since Fifa 2000 and it's come a long way since then!

    The thing I used to enjoy about Fifa '99{and my cousin's Fifa 2000}is the soundtrack.The songs from those games are old now,but they were brilliant back then.I remember listening to the songs for about 15 minutes before actually playing any football.The soundtrack is just as good on these game including brilliant songs such as'Goodbye Mr. A'and'Monster'.The players all look like the real thing,except for a few exceptions and the pitches are so realistic,you can almost smell the freshly-cut grass.But now about the gameplay.The football is good to play,but sometimes the opposition are clumsy and don't try and tackle you at all.
    Now for the downside of this game,the crowd's chanting could be a bit better,as you can only hear them chanting some of the time.Also,the commentators get boring after a while,as they just repeat the same phrases over and over again.And the opposition is a bit too easy,but don't worry,if that happens just change the difficulty.
    But if you like football and gaming and have always wanted to play as your favourite football team or manage your own club,JhonnyVincent says buy Fifa 08!

  3.  Buy the console version!


    This DS version of Marvel Nemesis:Rise Of The Imperfects is a utter disaster.Folks,this is a game called by critics as the worst marvel game ever.To be honest,I think MN:ROTI is pretty cool on the console,but everyone has their opinion.But everyone has exactly the same opinion on the DS version:Absolute rubbish!
    And why?Let me tell you.Right,I know everyone calls the graphics but I think the graphics are ok for a DS game.But the problems begin with the boring Imperfects who even marvel themselves are ashamed of and try to cover them up.These were created as no story could be thought of for marvel characters fighting each other.It's not that hard,is it?And on the DS version,there is no way to tell what the story is whatsoever.On the other versions,you get to know,but on this one?Forget it!Why are the Imperfects fighting the superheroes.Nobody knows!Why are superheroes turning against each other?Nobody knows!And how the hell did Van Roekel create the Imperfects?Nobody damn well knows!This is appalling but even without a story they could have made a good game.But the appalling way this was put together was the worst thing.People falling through walls that you shouldn't fall through.Glass not shattering when you throw a person into it!The sequel has been announced,but it will not be released for Wii and now maybe not at all!Maybe our hopes for a good marvel fighting game will never come true.But whatever happens in the future,JhonnyVincent says don't buy Marvel Nemesis:Rise Of The Imperfects for the Nintendo DS!

  4.  Shame On Sam!


    This film is brilliant!But I can now reveal that the one who spoilt this film is the one and only Mr. Sam Raimi!Yes,the director himself!He demolished Venom's screen time and that is what ruins this film ladies and gentlemen.If it was not for Sam Raimi,Venom would have had this film all to himself.And as you all say,the plot was crowded because of all the characters.They could have kept the New Goblin scenes,which didn't take up a lot of time anyway and had LOADS more Venom time.Raimi cut down Venom's screen time,because'he didn't like the symbiotes much!"How very sad,Raimi.Which probably means we won't see Carnage in any films,either!I say they kick Raimi out and do the web-slinger some justice.And if they make a 4th one,let's hope the new director learns from Raimi's mistakes and gives less talking and more Spidey action,just like the cartoons and comics!Now,onto the good parts.The bits we do see of Venom are great and he just oozes evil.Sandman is a great villan,but I think they should have saved him for another film.Also,the New Goblin is so cool and this film has improved from the sleep-inducing second film.Now,THAT film was weird.We got all this rubbish about Peter Parker struggling through ordinary life and only a bit of Spidey time.And THEN the rubbish about Mary Jane's wedding.But to be honest,the thing with John Jameson,is,I think,a set-up for Man-Wolf in a later film.But now back to Spidey 3.This film is fast-paced and you do actually start to feel sorry for Harry and Peter and how Harry is slowly decending into madness.And Tobey Macguire does look exactly like Peter Parker!The only rubbish character is Mary Jane.She is so bland and boring.In the comics,she was feisty and fun.In the films,she is just depressing.This film is absolutely fantastic and you and I both know that no films is without problems.Some people went into this film with too high hopes and I think that's why they didn't like it.They expected more Venom time and shame on Sam for not giving the fans what they wanted.Nevertheless,JhonnyVincent tells you to buy Spiderman 3 and watch it with an open mind.If there is a 4th film,let's kick Raimi out and bring Carnage in!

  5.  Shove off,guys!


    Leave it alone,guys!The other reviews sicken me.They are put there for no other reason than to promote other games.Get lost and stop this shameless act.But now onto the review.This is a great game.It has all the music from the first High School Musical and two bonus songs from it's popular sequel as well.Yes,I admit,it has the same gameplay as Elite Beat Agents and yes,I even admit that the Sing It! version may be better.But why call the graphics?Firstly,this is a kids game!If they love the two High School Musical films,they will not care about the graphics.Secondly,you will be too focused on the touch screen to even look at the graphics.This is a creative game and is very addictive.All these review calling it make no sense!They are just promotions for other games.If you like those games so much,review them and leave this one alone!It doesn't even matter what age you are!If you like the music,who cares?But if I were you,I would wait for the price to go down just a little bit.But it is worth it at this price,if your kids like it,because it will keep them occupied for a very long time.Buy this game and it will not disappoint.JhonnyVincent says buy High School Musical:Making The Cut and ignore these shameless promotions.

  6.  Seth is a genius!


    Who else but Seth,eh?First,Family Guy,which is an absolute masterpiece and now American Dad.The new and improved Simpsons with a twist.I mean,a family man working for the CIA?You can get loads of jokes out of that and with Seth I can see this going a long way.That's all there is to say except JhonnyVincent says buy American Dad!Volume 2 or Stan will be after you!

  7.  What the-?


    I realised it had gone too far when I saw the trailers.I went to see it and I was glad when it was over.I don't really want to say anymore,because to be honest I would rather forget the whole experience.It has scarred me for life and I will never see a new Shrek film.It was terrible and the cheesy song through the credits couldn't have got me out of the cinema faster.The plot was weak and predictable and the new characters were boring and had no personality.And neither did any of the exsiting characters.This was the most dissapointing movie of 2007.Buy Simpsons instead.

  8.  Suprisingly good!


    This film suprised me.And A LOT as well.I thought the first one was just a girly film,so didn't bother watching it.But then,I watched the second film to see what the hype was all about.And it was brilliant!Catchy songs,brilliant acting and all round,feel-good fun!I watched it quite a few times and I still enjoyed it.But there was a flaw.In the first one,Gabriella was quiet,shy and a bookworm.How can they suddenly change this genuine character to a fake person?I really hope they expand on this,because she has changed a lot.I know that's what the first film was about,but she would have at least kept a bit the same.But all in all,this is brilliant and anyone who likes a feel-good film and likes cheerfulness,watch this!Like Grease,but high school style!

  9.  Monstrously Magnificent!


    This was a brilliant read from Rick Riordan and I really enjoyed it!Reading Percy's adventures fighting Luke and his henchmen was truly enjoyable.To be honest,not a lot of people have heard of this series.Hopefully,when the film comes out,it will get a lot more publicity and more people will be able to experience such a thrilling book.I got the first book for my birthday and I loved it straight away.I'm not going to say much else,as I don't want to spoil it.Read this and it won't disappoint!

  10.  Freakin' Brilliant!


    Not much to say really,except this is another great season of Family Guy.Peter and the gang are back for more laughter and tears.Ultimate coolness!