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    I'm not surprise to see that this film has got so many great reviews on here already and obviously I agree. I had heard great things about this film before I sat down to watch so my expectations were high but I wasn;t dissappointed at all.

    The most obvious highlight of this film is the performances, the little girl who plays Esther in it is creepy! Plus the two adults leads give great performances especially Vera Farmiga who portrays a mother who lost her child astonishingly well.

    The plot keeps you interested right up until the end which is a great achievement given the lack of plot in most horror films of the last few years. The twist at the end is completely unexpected and makes everything that has gone before it that little bit more scary.

    Top class horror film.



    What can I say that hasn't already been said about this British comedy classic! I had watched Simon Pegg and Nick Frost since their days in Spaced, that was a cult show but I knew if they ever had a chance like this then everybody would see what I had. This film proves that you don't need big stars and big budgets to make a class film, just brilliant writing and comedy timing which is in abundance here. The genius here is that the characters are so relatable, Ed and Shaun handle a zombie invasion in the way that most of the British public would handle it thus you are immediately thrown into every situation with them.

    The extras on the disc are pretty impressive, you get 4 full length commentaries (which are entertaining unlike some other commentaries), video diaries, outtakes, extended scenes, plus loads more that will keep you entertained for a long while.

    One of the few comedy films I can watch over and over again and still laugh at every minute of it. Highly recommended.



    Aliens is without doubt my favourite film of all time, ever since thr first time I watched it I knew I had come across something special. It was my Dad who first introduced it to me; having been born the year after it came out! For me this film just oozes coolness and surely RIPLEY has to be the greatest heroine of all time. Sigourney Weaver is so good in this role and she was of course nominated for an oscar but lost out in the end. Just the fact that she was nominated gives testament to her performance as the Oscars notoriously neglect the Sci-Fi/ Horror genres.

    This film is an absolute timeless classic. The fact that I saw this film probably 14 years after it was first released proves this, I was amazed. I have watched it numerous times since and every time I watch it I fall in love with it that little bit more. This film is perfect in everyway... storyline, characters, suspense, action, direction, music, emotion. I could go on and on. For anyone who says sequels cannot surpass there predecessors then watch Aliens and see if your opinion is still the same.



    I was sceptical when buying these as I had never bought from this company before but I was pleasantly surprised. I bought them to use with my IPOD as my original apple earphones had broke. They give a really good sound, much better than the ones I was using before and you get really good base in all the songs with them as well.

    The set of earphones comes with 3 different size rubber inner ear attachments which makes them very comfortable to wear for a long period of time.

    Overall i'm very happy with them and for the price you really couldn't get much better. Would definately recommend.



    I had been dying to see this film ever since it came out, I missed it at the cinema so bought it on DVD when it came out. The performances are the strongest part of this film for me, Casey Affleck is amazing as Patrick. I had seen him in a few things before this but he really gives a great performance here. Also starring is Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris and Michelle Monaghan so as you can see the cast is pure class and they are all on top form here.

    As I am sure everybody knows this was Ben Afflecks debut as a director. Before this he had been going through a little bit of a decline with his career then he starred in Hollywoodland in 2007 and then came this film so I think it's save to say he is back on form. This film really is beautifully shot and you can tell that Ben Affleck has a promising career in directing ahead of him.

    There's a lot going on in this film as it deals with a number of issues, police corruption, underworld dealing and family relations. But it's the choice between doing the right thing and doing the just thing that is the main theme throughout the film, the ending will keep you thinking about what you would have done for quite a while. Top class film.



    This film has certainly got some mixed reviews but for me it really wasn't that bad. The acting wasn't as bad as people are making out, there are a few capable and familiar faces in this film, namely Shawn Ashmore and Jonathan Tucker who are both pretty good here.

    The plot is simple but effective and does create some tension, the subject matter makes it hard to be completely scared as its very unlikely you will find yourself in a similiar situation to this group of people! However the gore is plentiful and will satisfy people looking for this kind of film.

    Not the best, but it a decent horror film and will entertain you and your friends on a Friday night.



    This is from the same guy that directed The Football Factory and The Business, if you have seen them you know what to expect here. As in both those films it stars Danny Dyer, now to be honest I am not a fan but that didn't make much of a difference. For me, this is a film that had so much potential, it had a good cast, Sean Bean and Bob Hoskins also star. An interesting premise that was quite different to any plot I had seen in a while and a talented director.

    However there were a few things that really ruined this film for me, firstly the camera work was ridiculous. I realise it was meant to be wobbly to give the film the rough feeling it was trying to create but it just ended up annoying the hell out of me and during the first 30 minutes of it I was seriously considering turning the film off because of it. Also I didn't like the performance of Lennie James, I haven't seen him in anhthing else but based on this film he really doesn't appear to be that good an actor and finally the ending of the film is the most predicatable I have seen in a while.

    Overall the bad points outway the good here.



    I am a big horror fan and also a big fan of the original Friday the 13th film so I was a little sceptical when I first heard this remake was being made. However its by the same guys that did the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake so this calmed my nerves a little bit as I actually enjoyed the TCM remake, nowhere near as good as the original but a very good effort at making the film for a new generation. This is pretty much the same case here, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this film. I watched it with my sister and she jumped quite a bit during the last 30 minutes or so.

    I liked the story of the brother going back to look for his sister as it added a different little twist on the straight forward atory of the original. There are a few familiar faces in the film, Jared Padalecki who stars in the series Supernatural gives a decent performance here as the brother looking for his sister, also Aaron Yoo is excellent as ever.

    If you are a horror fan this is definately worth a watch, I am now a fan of the original and of the remake. Trust me you won't be dissappointed.



    Honestly, I thought this film was going to be bad. But I am glad to stay I was pleasantly surprised. The only reason I watched this in the first place was because it had Angelina Jolie in it and she is the reason that this film is so good. It's a romantic comedy that is slightly above average compared to other films in this genre. It does have a unique twist to the story which is entertaining and its nice to see Angelina Jolie try her hand at a little bit of comedy which she is really good at so hopefully we'll see her in more comedic roles in the future. A definate watch for Angelina fans.



    I absolutely loved this film, I didn't see it when it first came out so I am glad I got to see it recently. It's hard to put my finger on what is the best thing about this film as it offers so much. It's informative, emotional, shocking and beautiful. I am usually not into romance films at all but it is much more than just a romance film although that part of the film is done very well. The chemistry between Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen works really well and I hope they get to star in a film again sometime soon.

    The story is quite sad in parts to and I got really caught up in the story between these two people, its hard not to get involved as the story spans a number of years and by the end you really do start to feel for both Sarah and Nick.

    This is like nothing I have seen before and the ambition alone is a reason to watch the film. They really do try and achieve something different here. Amazing.