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  1.  Best sound for the price, and they stay in your ears


    I've only had these a couple of days so I can't comment on their durability. However, in terms of sound quality, these are the best in-ear headphones I've ever had the pleasure of using.

    I actually bought these for using whilst running, so I was looking for headphones that wouldn't keep falling out of my ears - like the Apple ones always do. No worries here, because the style of earpiece ensures they won't fall out.

    In short, if you're baffled by the ridiculous level of choice on here, you're best off buying these because they're an absolute bargain and do the job better than plenty of more expensive headphones.

  2.  True, classic, addictive videogaming


    I hope the graphics-obsessed kids don't let the lack of high definition and cutting edge graphics put them off procuring this game, because I can tell you now, this is better than any generic wartime first-person shooter.

    Nintendo have taken the if-it-aint-broke-why-fix-it approach with this latest mario installment, which was the right thing to do. The 2D mario games are some of the most addictive games you could ever play and this latest is no exception.

    Everyone with a Wii should buy this game; it deserves to be game of the year.

  3.  I'm filling up.


    These films are sad, but at the same time very heartwarming. As the previous reviewer rightly points out, these films are about the dialogue. Everything about these films is perfect, from the music to the characters to the beautiful setting.

    There is a moment at the start of "Before Sunset" where Jesse is doing a press interview for his new book, which is actually about the liaison with Celine 9 years previous, and he looks round and Celine is standing looking at him. Ethan Hawke's acting is superb as he is so convincing when he is put off his stride; you can actually feel his heart lurch in his chest when he sees Celine, the only girl he's truly loved.

    I can't recommend this boxset enough. My favourite romantic movies of all time.

  4.  Don't listen to them James


    I'm sure he won't listen to the ignorant people out there like the person that gives both his albums 1 star. That's all it is, sheer ignorance.

    Both his albums are classic songwriting. He's having the time of his life at the moment, selling millions of albums and enjoying dalliances with some of the world's most beautiful women so I don't think the views of a few chavs will interest him! lol

    And if you like James Blunt why not check out KT Tunstall's albums. More talented songwriting.

  5.  At Last! A reason to own a PS3!


    Phew! I was beginning to think there would never be a PS3 exclusive that could justify the £500 I spent on the console back in March. Due to the poor games catalogue and the fact that it failed a couple of months ago I was seriously regretting my purchase. However, now Drake's Fortune is here!

    Put simply, if you like colourful adventure games with exciting storylines then you will probably love this game. Yes, it is very easy - although I've only played it on Normal difficulty - and a little short, but it is simply magnificent. Drake's Fortune is like a game version of National Treasure or Indiana Jones.

    The graphics are extremely impressive and are certainly up there with the best that the 360 has to offer. It is hard to say whether they are "better" exactly, although they are definitely more colourful than games like Assassin's Creed and Gears of War. So for people who are getting tired of the relentless greys and browns of these sort of games, DF will be a pleasant surprise. Surround sound is also impressive and the background music suits the flow of the game perfectly.

    This game is a very cinematic experience and is one of the best games to show of your shiny new PS3 and HDTV to your envious friends! lol I can't recommend this game highly enough.

  6.  One of the better Crime-fiction writers.


    This is the first Mark Billingham book I have read and has certainly encouraged me to read more. He has written the book in a way that makes it easy to follow without patronising the reader. Some crime thrillers can be over-complicated but this book strikes the right balance. I highly recommend this book for fans of crime fiction.

  7.  The Best Controller For Prolonged Bouts Of Gaming.


    In my opinion this is equal to the old gamecube controller, ergonomically. It produces no discomfort or fatigue and is suitable for all games genres. Personally, I find my PS3 controller too small, and this does cause me discomfort. Also, the analogue sticks on the 360 pad have a more suitable resistance to them whereas the PS3 pads' analogues are very wobbly, and so just don't feel 'right', especially with driving games. If you are in the market for a 2nd control pad I'd recommend the official Microsoft one over any 3rd-party alternatives.

  8.  Most games live in the shadow of this epic tale!


    I recently purchased the soundtrack to this game for my new iPod and I felt compelled to write a review of this game I played over a year ago.

    I think the thing that stands out about this game is the sheer beauty of it, which is unrivaled in the world of gaming. Off the top of my head, the only thing I can compare this game to is the rush of awe I got when I first watched Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings at the Cinema; it was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. Everything just seems to gel perfectly; the gameplay is superb and the soundtrack complements the action perfectly. Honestly, the only aspect I can criticise is the fact that it has to end. And I've never been so disappointed to complete a game before! lol I just wanted it to last forever! This game was obviously a labour of love for the developers; so much effort has went into it and it really puts most of the PS3 and XBOX360 games to shame.

    The only small criticism I have is that it is a little short. However, I feel that is possibly a backhanded compliment, i.e. the game is THAT GOOD that you do not want it to end!

  9.  Yawn-inducing!


    My title says it all really. Prior to watching I knew it would not live up to the 1st film. However, it was worse than I imagined. Unfortunately, it just does not capture the magic of the 1st film. The jokes are strained here whereas they were genuinely funny in the original. I think that young children will still enjoy it but I could not justify more than 2-2.5 out of 5. The Shrek franchise has been going downhill since the 2nd one; I think they should lay it to rest.

  10.  Big disappointment initially. . . .


    I own an xbox 360 but decided to get a ps3 from Play at the end of march. In just a few months it has went down £100. I was starting to wish I'd not even bothered. It's largely been sitting gathering dust as there is such a lack of decent games. I've been playing the xbox constantly as it has far more and better games.

    Also, my PS3 failed a few weeks ago. Good news is that Sony got a new one to me in a couple of days. Service was good.

    In spite of my criticism things are starting to look up; Ratchet and Clank is a solid exclusive game, Lair & Folklore are worth a punt, to name but a few. I think time will tell because a console is only as good as it's games. I've edited my review from 1 star to 3 stars as I felt, given the recent games releases, that my review was harsh.

    Tip: Dust your PS3 every couple of days; it is a dust magnet! lol