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  1.  cute, but dated


    I had a few good laughs the first time I saw this (in the original version), but only because of the psychologist. The other actors are more annoying than funny (the eighties outfits might have played a role there, but I think a better actor than whoever played "bob" could have been chosen). Given that the last time, me and my friend saw it in french, a lot of the humor dries up with the different voice. It's really how the psychologist used his voice, in english, that had made me laugh.

  2.  for people who like horror


    good film if you are in the mood to be scared. This is coming from someone who prefers comedy over horror. The Ring is elegantly creepy, and not too much blood and gore. I give it four stars for its genre, but only two or three comparing it to comedies.

  3.  funny


    This is an enjoyable film, funny . I'm not a fan of halloween, but it was still fun. The dead guy and the witches made us laugh and the storyline was good.



    Besides that I love this kind of comedy, I am more than satisfied with this DVD. I purchased it halfheartedly thinking my friend would not be able to understand most of it because he only speaks french. However, this DVD which I ordered here comes with LANGUAGES and SUBTITLES other than English:





    The bonus and featurettes seem to all be available with subtitles. I didn't have time to go through all of them but whatever I tested did come up with french subtitles

    However I was not pleasantly surprised with the sequal (shanghai knights), it's pretty much true to its presentation on the website. That is fine too. I was only happier with the extra language options.

  5.  not funny


    the "comedy" - if you can call it that- was so tacky that the film has been pushed in some dusty place so it won't take up space in my dvd library. i wouldn't watch it again. i like mystery and I like sherlock holmes, but this was really not worth my time.

  6.  very good comedy


    i just bought this film along with the collection box set of Pink Panther movies. 'The Return of the Pink Panther' is quite funny but the funniest one is in the collection set.

    It is worth watching if you like mystery, a bit of tension, and comedy. One of the things I love about the Pink Panther movies is the scenery - a beautiful hotel room, a mansion, a castle, another foreign country... of course they get ruined by a clumsy detective but; it was nice when it was there, and funny when it's destroyed.

    Some of the jokes are from Seller's strange accent. These kind of jokes aren't so obvious when we watch in another language (how can he have astrange French accent if he speaksFrench? although the French version was fine) In any case, the slapstick comedy makes up for it. I feel very satisfied with my purchase - this and the other original Pink Panther films are those which I would class among my favorites.

  7.  whatever


    I bought this DVD with a vague memory of enjoying the movie when I was younger.

    I guess my taste must have changed. This time the movie just seemed dark. The transformed "cool" professor was too rude to be funny. I ended up putting the DVD in the basement storage in the box of unappreciated films.

  8.  good movie


    I used to have the video where it said it was a true story but for some reason the DVD doesn't have that or they left it out. Anyway it is supposed to be a true story
    I give it 4 stars because my boyfriend wanted to sleep through the beginning, but after I kept him up he enjoyed the rest of the film.

  9.  quality entertainment


    one of the best films I've seen: well-chosen actors, and interesting story. If it's 3 hrs every minute is intriguing, every scene and every word was supposed to be there; it felt like one hour of watching.. people who like action and scary movies might probably like this, but I love it also for its philosophic value... the music is and kissing is not overdone, overall the film is in very good taste.

  10.  just warning you...


    the second disk is not exclusively bonus. It's the second half of the movie. Slightly disappointing because one is obliged to get up and change the CD just before Rose is slapped. The bonus is interesting though and it's good to see that the director decided to not use the different ending. Nice movie if you are not in a judgemental or sarcastic mood. Personally, some of the film seems overdone. THere is something about it that bothers me. Is that really necessary for Rose to kiss Jack's fingertips? what does it give us, as spectators? It's not sexy, it's not intellectual. it's just tacky.
    However, it's an ok film, the second time I watched titanic I learned some things I did not notice before.