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  1.  Fantastic film


    Loved every minute and the songs...well you'll be singing them for weeks! I've never understood why Critics bashed on this when it's just like any other Musicals out there - Fun & Funky!

  2.  Fantastic game!


    Everything about this Game is Fantastic. The dance moves, the songs, the Break It Down feature (that teaches you the moves) the graphics, which oddly enough feel next gen. I think the only downside to this game is the unlockables. You can unlock characters, costumes (which there's only 2 of) and venues, but hopefully this could fixed at some time with an update? This deffinately shows off what Kinect can do, and it's SO much fun to play, not to mention it gets you fit! If you love Dancing and own Kinect you HAVE to get this Game

  3.  Fantastic player


    I don't have any problems with this player whatsoever. The loading time is generally quick, the picture quality is fantastic and the menues are easy to use...plus it's got alot of things that make it expandable which is great. If you want a decent Blu-Ray player that doesn't break the bank this is the one

  4.  Good film for what it is


    For what it it is it's a good film. It's alot better than i expected. If you like romantic comedies then this is one you won't be dissapointed with. The picture quality however isn't fantastic. It's good for a HD release but i have seen better...i'd still prefer to own this on Blu-Ray though

  5.  Great little player by Sony


    The only problem i can find with this player is that the sound from the speakers sounds slightly odd but with headphones it's loads better. Other than that it's a great little DVD player that i'm proud to own

  6.  Both good movies


    Worth the buy if you've seen the first but do not own it or you've not seen the second but want to.

  7.  Not as good as All Or Nothing


    I think this new Bring It On movie is alright but it's not as good as All Or Nothing...still... if you have liked all the other Bring It On movies then you will like this just as i did

  8.  Good movie


    After reading the reviews here on play.com i were expecting a not so good movie but this is a good movie. To me it's as good as the first if not better. I honestly can't see why this wasn't released in the cinemas. Deffintely doesn't look low budjet like some people on here say. If you liked the first i'd recommend this. The only downside to this is it's missing Eliza, lol

  9.  Fantastic camera if it wasn't for the software problems


    First of all i want to say this is a fantastic camera. The picture /video quality is miles better than my Quickcam Pro 4000! The only gripe i have about this camera is the software bugs (the software as in the disk not the camera) Apparently these are known issues over on the Logitech User Discussion forums but Logitech don't seem to be in a rush to fix them. Ok, the problems with the software are it doesn't save your settings so everytime you close the software or restart your computer you have to set them again. The picture options for Exposure and Gain get stuck and sometimes have no effect making the picture seem dark. Other than that everything is fine. The Video Effects that come with the camera are just plain great! There's alot of fun to be had with them.

    I'd recommend you buy this camera if you're after a decent webcam but if the thought of waiting for a software update to fix the bugs puts you off then it's best to leave it for now