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  1.  amazing trance UPLIFTING


    This album is beautiful very melodic uplifting with nice bass lines and vocals u cant go wrong trust me if u like trance and have decent taste i.e like anjunabeats

  2.  a cheap zombie thriller with no thrills


    I am a hugh fan of the original dawn and day of the dead i didnt really care for the land of the daed movie but compared to this awfull film it should have been oscar nominated,

    This really has a feel of cheapness from back to front, a good time to turn this movie off is when they meet the armish deff farmer for a little comedy relief (pffft 1 star)

  3.  i enjoyed it at parts


    its hard to describe this game it was good but repetative
    the story line is ok quite good even but executed badly.
    the graphics art work is average for this type of game and has a good atmosphear to it
    the main charactoer is likeable with decent voice acting
    u can relate to this guy so it draws u in the game alas it goes down hill when u have to constantly visit the hospital and talk to the patiants about there boring time on some island.. and having to sift through recording after recording till u find the right one to trigger the next boring island flashback.. so all in all if your hardcore PnC fan give it a go id pay about 7/8 pounds to play this



    ive decided to take a star off for one very good reason!
    the voice acting for the main character is terrible i.e like reading from a cue card) ive only come across worse acting in belief and betrayals main protagonist.
    apart from that it was a real pleasure to play, with nice puzzles that wont make u pull your hair out over,
    fine art backdrops
    a nice original story and original concept of ghost hunting using TAPS tv series style tools which is awasom. so yes buy the game : ) im jemima im jemima

  5.  SPOT ON !!! nice art work too.


    this albums measures up in everyway i could possibly have imagined a AnjunaDEEP album to be, and i can see it is heavly inspired by the (jaytech album everything is ok) allso on the anjunadeep label.

    the feel to the album is very Unique house/tech/trance type sound very chilling with great bass lines.
    it is a mullti-level album u can chill with freinds have a drink it makes perfect background music or u can dance to it ! in a kinda funky house fashion.

    wasnt so impressed with goa to rio and the 2nd cd of anjunabeats 6 so this is an execelent addition from above and beyond bravo : )

  6.  Not the best still great tho.


    This really should be 3 and a half stars all because of the 2nd cd, i found myself skipping tracks and having no desire to listen to it at all.
    Cd1 is awasom tho its much diffrent from the usual style it has a more house/tech sound to it, reminds me of the sister lable album (anjunadeeps jaytech album) which i advice anjunabeat fans to purchase.
    That being said i hope the anjunabeat albums go in a direction more like there 4th album or the nightmusic series. Because i wasnt impressed with anjunabeats 100 goa to rio either

  7.  best of the series


    I have all the anjunabeats albums but i have to say this one is my personal fave,! Ive not met anyone who didnt love this album even a freind of mine who is into rock wanted to buy this!! Nuff said..

  8.  THIS IS NOT A GAME REVIEW this is a package review


    this game was released so folks that dont have xboxlive can enjoy this game, then after mass releasing this product they realised u needed xboxlive to download a patch otherwise rendering this product useles.(genius!!!)

    i would fire the guy who made that blunder i got ripped off big time

  9.  NO connections.


    2 stars might seam harsh because the book is well written and keeps the imagination flowing. but the hole point i bought the book for was to have something to fill in the gaps between the first RPG GAME leading to the 2nd.

    this book is just a space faring adventure with no characters from the game and a completely different plot concerning the main storyline. therefore i was very dissapointed im not sure why they decided to release this novel. just my 2cents

  10.  great album but feel ive heard it before


    i have all the previos anjuna albums + mondo sessions and thrillseekers. i just felt a tad dissapointed with this release after waiting for it because i have heard a lot of the tracks in there previos cds still a top buy tho