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    I can't say enough how good this game is, in fact its jaw dropping especially in 3D. The story line the sound and detail is exquisite.
    game play is fast and so smooth and the fight scene's are awsome this is to date the best game ive played thus far and i class myself as an hardcore gamer and this really is some thing to behold in 3D, Quality

    i7 gtx580 in sli



    All i can say is I feel robbed, I have nothing good to say about this allmost carbon copy of MW2 except gone backwards, save your money and get a great game like BF3 or even better Arma2 and all the add ons that go with it,now thats an experiance.

    This will be the last COD that I will buy.

  3.  EPIC Benchmark


    Mind blowing best gaming experiance ever, What a game this is EPIC.
    This is what RPG gamers have been dreaming of.

    Even blows witcher clear out of the water and thats a great game but this, this is a next gen benchmark in RPG...... just buy it. Also been playing 6 hours straight and no bugs as yet. nice one, makes a change eh for us pc peeps... ooooh the graphis and sound drooool.

  4.  Dissapointing


    Dissapointing Handling and unrealistic in my opinion (eX club racer). the graphics are Old School 30 fps. To play this in cockpit mode is a waste of time due to the handling, It flicks from right to left as if it was weightless which makes it very twitchy and impossible to be accurate and smooth unlike in Motogp 10/11 where they have the physics spot on and the feeling in motogp of speed is unsurpassed in any bike game to Date. Take it from me I know.

    Always Race in cocpit mode with no assists....... Any other way is ARCADE.

  5.  Best Bike Game so Far


    Well my freinds and I have been playing this game for a few weeks and still cant stop wanting play.

    compared to previous bike games this game is far ahead of the game.The feeling of speed is amazing and realistic, the physics or very good along with the attension to detail, The best way to get the full package is to race only onboard as you get a more fullfilling experiance and tons more satisfaction. Truley a great game in every way, Yes onboard may seem difficult but hang in there and soon you will master the beast (trust me)
    Only downside is the odd conection problems online and the fact you cant padlock any assists. But apart from that its as good as it gets.....trust me I used to race bikes back in the day lol

  6.  BENCHMARK GAME. brilliant


    Truley brilliant. Ive just played dead space 1&2 back to back and can honestly say its the best gaming experiance ive ever had in 35 years of gaming.Hardley anything comes close except Metro 2033. (another great game) to really get the full effect of the game is to take your time to enjoy the enviroment your are in and notice the attension to detail...Its amazing....I read on a forum someone said it took only seven and a half hours to complete.... Utter rubbish that, guy must of rushed through.Its taking me roughly 1 hour per chapter.As I tend to find myself exploring and enjoying the inviroment and seeing all the hard work the team have done putting this together, Truley amazing. Well done to all the producers, And whens the next one comming of this callibar!!!! ONE WORD BENCHMARK.

  7.  Quality Game


    Cant beleave the bad reviews, this game is as good as any of its previous cod's, yes i have a high end pc running 2 GTX450 in SLI and the game runs perfect, in fact the Graphics and Sound are Top Notch, I play all the top fps shooter games and this game can hold its head high amongest them, I'd even go as far to say even better.The muti player is good fun( as with any online game you need a reasonable connection) you can compleatly design and kit out your player any way you like, also you have three types of games, campaign,online, co-op, and the zombie game ... all in all it good value. if you dont beleave me check out reviews on xbox 360 reviews on this site.

  8.  3 day wonder


    As in the title you will play for three days then wonder..."why did I bother", looses its luster arfter that... Multiplayer is MAYHEM. save your money for Black Ops..Looks to have much more substance.

  9.  Quality Game


    This is a must buy for any fps fan. Totaly emmersive,Dont let this one slip through the net! And at this price its gonna put a big smile on yer face....A right Littel Gem of a game. well worth 5 stars just on the attention to detail. Quality.

  10.  Brilliant


    Truely great in every way,can't stop playing it, The attention to deatail is amazing, This game has taken gaming to a new level...Hats of to 2K....I did Buy for the xbox 360 version first then saw the difference with graphics on a pc and then swaped.Buy it you will love it Trust Me.