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  1.  Breath of Fresh Air


    The new need for speed had a lot to follow with other extremely good racing games such as forza motorsport and colin mcrae DIRT 2 but finally EA have made a very good racing game no longer following the idea of getting away from police but becoming a racing champion.
    The amount of cars you can get is brilliant and ranges from all your sport hatchbacks; renault meganes, VW scirocco and ford fiesta's to your full out super cars; pagini zonda, lamboghini merciallago, audi R8 V10, bugatti veyrons etc...
    Control wise i think they have hit the nail on the head because they are simply brilliant! simple yet very effective and in response to a previous review about spinning out and drifting just dont brake and turn cos what do you expect!! They work superbly
    Also as a racing simulator its quality!! the new cockpit view that is also going to be featured in forza motorsport 3 is incredible it really does make the racing experience better. Upgrades are wicked aswell and it has a pretty decent customise feature to change the cars appearance.
    This is definitely a game to get... dont let previous titles let you down and also if your a need for speed fan then this will be different! Its main competition will be forza 3 which equally looks immense so for me i think it may be the first time ever tht i will own two similar racing games... anyway get this game :)

  2.  Best Mario Kart yet???


    YES - but not 100% there yet. Mario Kart Wii is a brilliant game, the best released on wii for sure. Its online capability and speed rivals no other and shows players where there opponents are from in the world. DS tracks are playable and small tweaks have been made to improve them. The main change in it from the Mario Kart series apart from the new controls (which work brilliantly) is the introduction of bikes. They are extremely useful and very fast with the ability to wheelie which will give you a boost. Snaking is no loner possible, but tricks can now be performed from the smallest of ramps or tree roots, which when landed gives you a short but fast boost. There are 32 playable tracks and many new characters too play as. Overall 10/10, best game made for wii.



    Mario finally appears on the wii in an amazing game. Fully worth all the hype. If you have a wii you need this game, better than Zelda or Red Steel. GET THIS GAME!!!

  4. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08

    Nintendo Wii

    3 New from  £9.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.99

     Depends if your willing to change


    FIFA 08 is a very good game on the wii. If your want to stick to a original controler style play don't get it cause you won't like it but, if your willing to change like all other wii games its fully worth gettin.

    Even though it doesnt have a manager mode it doesnt matter as you can do the exact same online with loads more abilities as it updates depending on your teams position in the current real tables and update players and shirt no.s etc.

    I got it on the day it came out and its now my favourite game. I think its worth risking it cause your be happy with the new game play.




    Mine blew up and broke both my wiimotes.

  6.  Improvement on the first


    More brain training is better than the first in the sense that theres more fun puzzles and better multiplayer modes, up to 16 players! Overall another good game thar could be a reason to get a DS.

  7.  Excellent game, well worth its price


    Brain training is a wicked game, suitable for all ages and abilities. Unlockables make it good and you can try and beat your personal best in the games. Loads of sudoku and other varying tasks from drawing a country to what you ate last week. Everything helps to make your brain keep ticking. Buy this game.