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  1.  Not bad but...


    This book was definitely a page turner and an enjoyable read, but compared to the previous two Langdon adventures, this didn't hold up. Some of the characters and plot points are very similiar to his other books and even the twists and turns just didn't surprise me like I wanted them to. It's worth a read but not as special as I had hoped.

  2.  A must read!


    'Tiger Cub' is not only a must read for WWII enthusiasts but non-enthusiasts alike! It is easy reading and an eye-opener to what young men experienced during the now historic air battles of WWII.

    This book concentrates on Spitfire 'Ace' John Freeborn's time with 74 Squadron during the 'Battle of Britain' and the early stages of his career in the RAF. His story is both brave, tragic and nothing short of inspiring. I highly recommend this well paced and well written book about a young man who served his country as a fighter pilot.

  3.  You just CAN'T beat it!


    One Tree Hill is the best TV show out there! It is charged with emotional depth, outstanding characterisation, excellent drama, fantastic actors and wonderful writing! Each season so far has out done the last. Season 4 is a must see that will leave you wanting more. 5 stars!

  4.  Battlestar Spectacular


    I just finished ploughing through this box set and had to add my 5 stars to the mix. Season 3 is intense, clever, gripping and will leave you hanging for more! So far this series has been incredible and I can not wait for the next instalment!

  5.  Immense


    'Heroes' is compelling, fascinating, exciting and in a league of its own! The cast are loveable and the acting and storylines are concrete. I cannot wait until season two! I also enjoy shows like 24, Lost, Smallville and Supernatural. I wholeheartedly recommend this series to all.

  6.  It's True!


    At this price, it's a steal! This series was highly well written and directed, it's such a shame that it got cut during season 2. Eliza Dushku performs really well as the character Tru, as well as being surrounded by a fabulous cast. Each episode is entertaining and as the series develops, the story becomes intensely gripping.

  7.  Super


    It's rare for a TV Show to last this long and still be as strong as the first couple of seasons, but Smallville has proven to be a rock in this respect. Season 6 has been my favourite so far, it dives a lot deeper into the characters and starts to develop storylines that I have long since waited for. Adding Green Arrow to this series really gave it a nice edge and I have loved every episode. Definitely worth adding to the DVD collection! Brilliant.

  8.  Break Through


    Season 1 was fantastic and season 2 is just as great. It's gripping, tense, full of surprise and will leave you hanging for more. The little you know, the more enjoyable it will be, so with that said, I'll conclude by giving it 5 stars.

  9.  Break Out


    I was a bit sceptical about this show until recently. After the first episode I was hooked. My advice would be to make sure you have some spare time because you won't want to stop watching it. It's a great show with a decent storyline that gets stronger throughout the series. The actors are really great and the episodes are enthralling.

  10.  Ultimate Action


    The Bourne trilogy is a breath of fresh air. It's cool, stylish and totally original in the way it has been created. I really enjoyed the first two films and 'The Bourne Ultimatum' didn't let me down. The story is well told, the way the film is shot is gritty and realistic, as if you are there holding a video camera. The action scenes are exceptional and the ending is brilliant. I was really impressed with this conclusion. Matt Damon is superb.