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  1.  badgame


    this is a bad game with bad graphics. sonic is too speedy. this game is boring and don't buy it buy jak and daxter and others

  2.  super cheap for 3 great games.


    all these 3 games are great. obviously the new tomb raider is much much more better. it is a must buy for a very low price. legend 7 tr anniversery 7 underworld 8 but for the price it is 5 stars. thanks play.com

  3.  another capcom let down. only a little improved


    this game really isn't good . the characters are not cool the videos in the game are bad and always the same fighting all over a game. it is better then onimusha but still a let down. even it isn't very nice like opening doors without watching the handle.

  4.  not awesome


    well nothing like awesome. short gameplay. stupid cutscenes and the graphics are not very good . it is really stupid. the fighting is not here .

  5.  jak and daxterrrrrrrrrrrrrr !


    this is a must buy for anyone who plays ps3. all the games from the trilogy are awesome especially the second one. play.com offers a good price for this game. story 9 characters 10 places 10 graphics 8. if you like a funny long shooting escaping killing dark powered adventure with great characters this is a really good game and it brings great memories from the ps2.

  6.  so far cry 3 bad first person.


    well this game looks stunning and beautiful. cant really say anything about the graphics . the story is good but tomb raider is far more better. I don't really like the box of this game. the characters are fine still sometimes there is a lot of repetition . the gameplay and the killing is nice. if this game was in third person mode it could have been better story 7 characters 7 graphics 10 gameplay 7. a good game but could have been better in 3rd person mode. play.com is the best to buy this game in a low price .

  7.  one of the best ps2 games.


    this game is great. it is very bloody and will keep you interested in the game in every way. it is not short and has a lot of places you need to go. the graphics are great for the ps2. the characters are great too. you will fight a lot of different monster through the game. it also have epic boss battles which are made nicely. the story is good too. if you like some Boobs you will be satisfied too. story 9 graphics 9 gameplay 9 characters 8. nice bloody game. kratos is back for more killing

  8.  bloody nice


    this game is wonderful. it is very bloody . the prince is back with a better game . this time the game is harder and darker in every way. the graphics are good, the story is good. the game is difficult in its puzzles but less difficult in combat. story 8 graphics 8 environment 9. good job ubisoft.

  9.  the best ps2 adventure game .


    this is the best ps2 game. this is a great game which is very long. it has 65 missions. I done the game 3 times and still it is very nice. the characters are great and funny. this is the best game because it is long and well done. the story is amazing and it also has free roam. it has a lot of videos which are great and funny. the graphics are nice. story 10 characters 10 places 10 graphics 10. this is a must buy for all ps2 players

  10.  you will be in outer space


    you will enjoy another adventure with Dora. she is off on a journey to the purple planet. the graphics are wonderful. the story is great and long. if you are a girl and you love Dora this game is for you. story 8 characters 8 . the game is good and fun.