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  1.  The review for the old school fan


    The good
    Remember playing Res 2 and seeing the scenes of a city overrun with Zombies but were then only seeing about 8 on screen at the most? this game gives the chance to literally fight for your life against a never ending respawning horde of Zombies. The adrenaline pumping scenes you can create from this are great fun and even if you run in for close combat you run the risk of being infected so you have to play it a bit smart. This game really helps give you that feeling of a city in peril that the slow paced nature of past games missed due to technology restraints. That being said dont expect a slow paced horror this game is an action game based in the Res world so be expecting constant fights.
    The game does a great job of having you play alongside the original Res 2 story even making you create some of the cut scenes in Res 2 for long time fans this is a great novelty.
    More strategy is now involved as you can only carry two guns so think Halo and this adds to the intensity as you have to decide if you want to carry a shot gun to blast a licker or a machine gun to take on rival armed forces.
    Each character is a great design from a sarcastic explosive expert to a borderline Nazi like evil medic and each of these guys has special abilities available only to them so the replay value is superb as you can choose your team to experience a different way of playing each time.

    The Bad
    The computer AI is bad but not as bad as other reviews suggest for example Vector tends to run into close combat during a firefight and get shot but thats because his character favors close combat. Other character dont tend to do this as much so read about who you have in your team. A real downside to the AI is how they either run off leaving you to die or wont stop fighting when you are trying to run away. I found that in a situation when I had to run that I had to fight because the others chose to and of course that can kill you when youre not supposed to fight.
    The game is an action game but the controls are very poor to try and keep up you will often duck into cover when you dont want to or have to stand and be shot at so play it cool and stay at a distance or run in for close combat to make the most of the games style. That being said I never get bored of using a zombie as a human shield to take bullets on my behalf (yes you can do that).

    The Ugly
    The graphics are not of the quality you would expect to see on the Xbox 360 or PS3. The environments are ok (but often too dark) and the main characters look good but other characters like zombies are lacking in the detail seen in the Res 5 the whole game looks and feels like a conversion of a PS2 or Xbox game and are nowhere near the standard seen in Res 5 which came out years before. An example is William Birkin who should look awesome with modern tech but looks uninspired (even his lab coat seems to be part of his skin and has no separate movement) the cut scenes dont fare much better and this can leave you feeling as though the game was only ever half finished or meant to come out years ago.

    The game is a good fun action game think Dead Rising with guns and set in Raccoon city but minus the free roaming and general
    I paid 12.99 and I feel thats about spot on for what the game is worth I wouldnt pay more than 15 as it looks like DLC rather than a standalone title

  2.  it aint no resident evil 4


    a diehard resi fan like me bought an x box just for this and at first i was amazed, best graphics i ever saw i even booked a day off work to play it...however as the levels progressed my interest died out, the levels became re hash levels from resident evil 4 but without the heart pounding fight for your life element. swapping tribal zombies for gothic zombies didnt cut it with me and the bad guys are boring, you just dont give a damn like you did in 4, its the same kind of thing level after level with no interesting characters or bad guys. plus if anything this has less that res 4, no comical merchants and getting rid of the ability to walk while aiming is just stupid, who on earth stands rigid to aim a gun while walking around a zombie town. plus the whole wesker thing..that was dragged out too much year ago.

    a great game at a good price, if you have a 360 you have to have this, the starting levels are amazing but the rest of the game just falls behind. i give this 4 starts for being great but minus one star for just being copy of resident evil 4 but with less to offer.

  3.  the best game i ever played


    this game has everything, the sneak style of meta gear, the frantic fight for your life of the best beat em ups and the boss battles of resident evil, play this game and love it, stay to find all the secrets laid out by riddler and lose your life. Plus with the additional challenge modes you can have 'a quick go' whenever, ticks everybox but sadly i cant see any sequel that could get it so perfect and i hated this game being over

  4.  very funny very gory very good


    a great fun film, its a slow starter and theirs one death which is just plain silly and lets the side down but the rest of th film will make you cringe, chuckle and cheer on the mayhem, even my girlfriend got into it. this film has some very inventive death scenes and really goes to town on making the gore fun. i would have paid full price for this film but at the price play is charging its a bargain and one of the best zombie film in years

  5.  caught me off guard


    I hate iron man...i like comics just think he is ...urgh. But this film is great, the cgi is flaky at times but theirs loads of good stuff to over shadow that and adding humour to the character worked a treat! Big tip for you now keep watching after the credits theirs more!

  6.  now i know why the adverts showed nothing


    Just plain bad, its funny for all of five minutes and without doubt jack blacks worst film an i include the never ending story 3 and urban legends in that!

  7.  its a comedy so dont take it serious


    I heard this was poor and cheesy but when i watched it i loved it, its supposed to make fun of itself, make fun of comic books and make fun of those good old black and white saturday morning serial dramas like flash gordon etc. I loved this film and laughed almost all the way through, samuel l jacko is superb in it and you can tell he was allowed to let loose. The advertising suggests its a serious film so i can imagine people were upset but if you dont know who the spirit is in the first place then research your films first

  8.  What died first, the film or my interest?


    Just dont bother...i actually apologised to someone i put through watching this with me, i only even watched it to the end to see if it got better....it got worse...how...how was that even possible?

  9.  give it a chance


    A lot of people moan about this film as it does not involve the death note book itself but its not supposed to, its a spin off film in every sense and as long as you treat it as such you will find and entertaining film, although the story breaks down a little into pointless aspects towards the end as the writer obviously couldnt think of a way to end it quick i found the experience to fly by quicker than watching the previous death note films and i'm a huge fan of the series. The character l is hard not to love and you will find even more reasons to want to see him in more films even though its pretty impossible considering his fate.

  10.  simple.avoid


    Waste of money, waste of time, waste of patience waste of materials in actually making the dvd in the first place