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  1.  Corruption


    Do not buy this game - after release it was discovered that a bug which causes the game to crash corrupts save data which effectively erases your progress - this bug is present on both the ps3 and 360 versions. As infuriating as it was to happen once I waited for the patch that promised to fix the issue - it's happened in the same spot again. I've had enough and I'm disgusted that they can release software that effectively does not work I've never experienced this before. Do not buy this!!

  2. SSX



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     SSx by name - that all...


    Somewhere along the line they removed what made SSX fun and replaced it with infuriating survival challenges where you're lucky to even reach the end without your boarder disappearing into bottomless holes or getting wrapped round a tree. I loved SSX on the PS2 the name is the only thing this game has in common.

  3.  Still Assassins Creed


    Little has changed which for the most part is ok as it was a winning formula - problem is its in danger of becoming stale and their decision to bring a game out every year is damaging the franchise as profits become more important than quality. AC3 needs to re-invent the series drastically.

    The included version of the first game is welcome but it seems to have suffered badly with regards to resolution..?

  4.  Medal of Honor


    It's not Modern Warfare and it'd be nice if people stopped comparing everything to it, MW2 was disappointing in my opinion. MOH is a well crafted game, graphics are impressive and both presentation and sound design are brilliant. I'm glad I bought it.

  5.  Uncharted 2


    I don't often write reviews here, and from reading the other opinons you really shouldn't need to think about this one. Uncharted 2 redefines digital art. If you have a PS3 buy this game, and if you don't this should give you a good excuse to buy one.

  6.  Hmm


    I've really enjoyed GT but I've never understood these Prologues, its like a cheap cash in. The cars look amazing, the tracks look bland and lifeless, the physics are terrible and the cars don't even get scratched. Race Driver Grid kills this.

  7.  Red Alert is back


    The controls take time to master but this is every bit the game I expected. The factions are suitably different, not just in technology but also how they operate. The graphics can be a little grainy at times, sometimes with screen tearing but this game has always been about gameplay and in that department it never fails. I have always preferred the Red Alert games over the GDI / NOD universe purely for how colourful the game is both graphical and in terms of playing. If you have plated any game within the Command and Conquer genre you will enjoy this.

  8.  Not Resident Evil anymore


    I've enjoyed playing Resident Evil from the beginning. Resident Evil 4 was a big departure from what people had become used to losing the rich pre-rendered backgrounds in favour of 3D environments. The problem with this game is it deviates a long way from what made the original so great. Not just in terms of the story but also the game mechanics.

    The inclusion of a partner is not a good one, often you will be cursing how the computer controlled AI manages to get itself killed and while playing with a mate online is satisfying this is no longer Survival Horror as the tension of feeling alone is gone and you will only feel despair from running out of ammo when your partner carelessly wastes it.

    The only real remaining mechanism is that of how your character has to stand still while firing a weapon, this leads to repeative shoot run shoot moments and does not feel as free flowing as games such as Dead Space for example.

    Overall this game will either be loved or hated, those who feel it has deviated too far will find reason to hate it while others who enjoyed the fourth game will find plenty here to keep them occupied.