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  1.  Unmissable and unforgettable


    This really is one of those films where you either get it or you don't, and if you do it really is an unforgettable experience delving deep into the mind of a young ballerina striking her first major role, dealing with sexual and mental oppression, interweaving the characters in her life with those in her upcoming production of Swan Lake driving ultimately to an ending so powerful you may not be able to move for several minutes afterwards.

    For me Blu-Ray is the only way to go for this film, but I won't complain at getting the DVD and digital copy at the same time!

  2.  Very good, one of Boyle's lost wonders


    I loved this film. Watched it in a Boyle craze I had when I first saw this and Trainspotting. Although not down the same route as Trainspotting, it still has the underlying darkness and depth, brought out very well throughout the film, keeping tensions high throughout whilst including some great comedy.

  3.  Brilliant


    These 2 films are just glorious! Although they may follow a similar story structure, they each bring out brilliant songs and just a great feel...and 3 looks great as well!

  4.  V-V-V-Very Good!


    Another reviewer asked why they made this over 2 hours...it's only by 8 minutes, and most of that's probably the credits, after all there must be loads of credits for making such a good film - spotless to the last, this really modernises the old tales of Guy Fawkes but on a grander scale. The dictatorial politicians and Big Brother style monitoring of the world really calls out for a character like V, and coupled with the mysteries unraveled throughout, this film has something for everyone who doesn't bicker over a few minutes of credits!

  5.  Just one question....


    ...why are you even reading the reviews of The Matrix? This is such a modern classic that it speaks for itself and at £2.99 it's worth buying even if just so that you know you've got it and may at some point watch it again. And if you already have it, I'm surprised you're still reading...

  6.  Bond reborn


    At the thought of a blonde Bond loads of people were looking tentatively at this movie (that and the standard of Die Another Day), but Craig really delivers! I can't fault the film and although the special features aren't quite what could've been expected with a film this demanding, at a fiver how can you resist the novelty of a double-disc?

  7.  So ridiculous it's brilliant!


    Three words: Girls, guns and Machete! This is the ultimate mix of girls and guns with a girl with a machine gun for a leg. It's the best zombie film this millennium so far (which, although isn't saying much looking at the recent zombie releases, anyone who has seen this must agree with). This film has such rubbish in it that it ends up being even more entertaining than its Tarantino counterpart Death Proof!

  8.  Never fails to please


    In its 6th released season Family Guy still creates fresh laughs every episode - a cross between The Simpsons and humour not intended for the under-12, Family Guy is the ultimate cartoon which has something to suit everyone not offended easily!

  9.  A long-awaited disappointment...


    After almost two decades of waiting for a Simpsons movie, I can't see how fans can be satisfied with this: basically an extended episode, The Simpsons Movie has roughly the same amount of intrigue and humour as any singular Simpsons episode. If you haven't seen it, watch the trailers and you'll laugh just as hard as were you to watch the film.

  10.  Beautiful.


    I was really looking forward to this film and was really surprised when I saw it - beautifully shot, inspiringly written and wonderfully acted it's definitely worth a 2nd and 3rd watch.

    BUT this film is not for anybody who's looking for a fast-paced western with lots of gun fights, nor is it for anybody who starts twiddling their thumbs after 5 minutes of dialogue...it may be slow in parts but it works if you're in the mood.