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  1.  Demo


    First impressions from the demo show quite an improvment on the overall graphics of the game, as well as the facial textures updated, on Peter Crouch particually, which I saw from a Video review of the actual game. The controls seems a bit more responsive. Overall this is what FIFA11 is going to be. Only thing I'm not sure on is the price

  2.  Epic story telling


    Without a doubt the most believable tales of Arthur made, Cornwell is a master at storytelling, the depth and the detail gone into each one of the trilogy is brilliant.
    These would be epic films, and would make equal to or more than the Lord of the Rings, a shame that the Director of the 2004 King Arthur film didn't read Cornwells books first.

  3.  Good


    A well made film, however its gone in the complete opposite direction by saying Arthur came from Rome? If however Bernard Cornwells Arthur triology of books were made into Film form, they would come out on top of this, purely because its more believable.

  4.  Must have Blu Ray


    Preordered this and have been waiting a month or so for its release, I'am glad to say it was well worth the wait, spot on quality, vivid colours, amazing sound. No hint of grain throughout (That I could notice). Buy now!

  5.  Hillarious


    I doubt this is supposed to be a comedy, but Clint Eastwood is bloody funny in this film, all the lines he comes out with had me cracking up.

    A must have

  6.  Impressive


    Watched the holy triology in pretty much back to back, I have to say its very impressive. Didn't notice any grain throughout the three. The quality is outstanding. a must have for your Blu Ray collection.

  7.  Bargain


    Recently needed the hdd space in my ps3, saw this on play, ordered straight away. The screws in the drive bay are a bit fiddley, so make sure you have a reasonable small philips screwdriver with a good grip. Had it in and formatted in around 10 minutes.

    One thing i should point out, you will need to have the latest ps3 firmware (2.52 at this point) on a usb stick , it'll then ask you to hold down the start + select buttons, so it can scan for the firmware. Otherwise you won't be able to proceed to format the drive. You can download it from the sony europe website, make sure you put it in a folder marked update. Then your good to go.

  8.  Epic Off Road Racing


    A must have for every PS3 owner, stunning visuals, 4 player co-op, online ranking system, Trophies, simply one of the best racing games on the PS3. If you thought the demo was good, then your gonna absolutely love this.

    @Kegs11: If you mean custom music, as in your own music. You can do that with this game, pressing the PS3 button, scrolling across to Music etc.

  9.  Crashes


    When I first started playing I was amazined, the detail of the environments, the characters, the different towns, the free roaming. Having played around three hours of this game, I have come to a point where no one purchasing a £40 game should come to. Freezing. This only conerns the PS3 version, as it appears to be the only version with this level of crashing and glitches. The Bethesda forums have a wave of PS3 users having problems with this game, until a patch is introduced I won't be touching it until then. i feel completely let down.

  10.  Epic


    One of the best titles to have with your Blu-Ray collection, you will not be dissapointed one bit. Sound 10/10, Visuals 10/10, Content 10/10
    You will most definitly learn something new with 'Planet Earth'