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  1.  guess 5 wrong turns dont make a right


    depsite the awful acting and the stupid girl who believed what a killer told her, i did sort of enjoy it. but i wouldnt watch it again.

  2.  what a great game, but could be longer


    so i bought this when it came out on tuesday and it only took me 15 hours to complete it. so for me it wasnt long enough, but it was still very enjoyable. and i did get a little teary when one of my favourite characters died

  3.  A load of Geordies


    Just watched my first episode of this and I'm loving it. Will have to buy it on DVD. And for anyone who is wondering this was filmed in tynemouth not Scotland

  4.  fantastic


    ive always been a resident evil fan and i was so thrilled when i found out there was going to be another game coming out. lots of fighting and action and i love the fact you can kick a zombie in the head. plus you arent limited to playing only 1 character, and each character has a different story

  5.  Better than GTA


    i have to disagree and say i found this game better than GTA. the only thing i didnt like was the fact i found it too short (the main story), as it only took me around 2 days to complete the main story. but there are plenty of side missions for you to do and you can even sing karaoke.

    and i think the best part for me is the fighting. this game is definately worth buying.

  6.  fantastic and so funny


    i just dont understand how some people dont find this funny. just watched the first 5 eps of this the other day and each one made me laugh. second season was just as good, if not better and am really hoping for a third

  7.  i enjoyed it. good film


    i see alot of mixed reviews about this film, but honestly i really enjoyed it and i would happily watch it again. infact i was watching it for the 3rd time last night.

  8.  great read


    i loved this book so much ive read it 5x, and its the first book ive read thats made me cry.

  9.  a great read


    this is a great book. although im slightly confused as i bought this book off here a few years ago, but according to this its not out until march 2011. has it been re written

  10.  not too bad


    i bought this game today just to see if it was any good. i have read many of the reviews and loads of people say its really bad. the only thing i dont like about it are the controls to fly that bird thing, it really annoyed me and i kept flying into walls