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  1.  Different then previous FF's, but not in a good way.


    I was really looking forward to playing my first Final Fantasy series on a console that was capable of delivering great visuals, and the ones that make up this Final Fantasy are really excellent. It's almost like you are part of a movie then part of a game.

    Sadly the comparisons to movies don't stop there, as the gameplay itself is very simplified, so much so that the entire game does just feel like an animated movie punctuated by oversimplified combat and extremely linear exploration, with the combat itself being fast paced, but the majority of it consisting of pretty much activating the "auto-combat" function and watching the fight progress.

    There is no world to go off and explore, and the challenges and customisation within the game have all been cut back so much that this game does not contain enough of what makes a Final Fantasy game worth playing for me.

    I'm about half way through the second disk of the game, but the gameplay itself still feels like that not-so-overwhelming introduction to the game you get from earlier titles by spoon feeding you content and game mechanics, and at the point of the game I'm in it's not something I'm still enjoying, and I'm still awaiting the challenges I've learned to associate with the FF series.

    The game looks beautiful, but sadly that is all it seems to be. A beautiful, yet shallow, RPG that simply has the Final Fantasy tag.

  2.  Seems enjoyable for single player but rather short.


    The single player campaign is shorter then I like but it would seem that the main focus of this game is it's multiplayer game, as most of the ingame achievements are multiplayer focused. The single player campaign is around 10 hours of game time.

    Sadly the game is let down by the Game for Windows Live dependancy, as there is currently a crippling problem with Games for Windows Live login, causing single player saved files to become corrupted and crash the game. The only work-around known is deleting the corrupted save file.

    Until this problem is fixed, the single player portion is unplayable as a crash can occur at any time during gameplay; which is a big disappointment and has earned this review only 1 star.