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  1.  a masterpiece


    truly amazing book and now film, this film has the ability to draw you into the mind of a horse. You cannot help but feel some sort of attachment to the animal, and truly an amazing story of war....dont miss it

  2.  garlic omlette!


    we were lucky enough to be at the premiere of this movie, with david tenant! its a brilliant movie, it has received some really bad press reviews, because unfortunately movie critics cant see it for what it is, it doesnt take itself seriously at any point, all acting is brilliant, david tenant is awesome, and so is colin farrell who is obviously enjoying his role, all in all, watch it, but dont expect from it a blood thirsty horror, watch it open minded and look out for some brilliant gags! :D

  3.  a strange appeal keeps you watching


    this film is pretty bad...but for some bizarre reason you have to keep watching it....characters are likeable and acting is pretty good but it is pointless really, but like i said for some bizarre reason you have to watch it you just cant help yourself!

  4.  rom com thats serious


    love the portrayal of "parkinsons" disease and the way the subject matter is dealt with. The scene at the convention related to the illness is both emotional and hilarious. Some really poignant moments that make you go awwwwww, and some really dodgy love scenes that leave you feeling a bit embarrassed! not one to be watched with your mates put it that way! Jake and anne both give brilliant performances and the movie shows that love really does hold no boundaries. Be warned this isnt your average rom com as it does have a very serious aspect to its plot but all in all some very funny moments and some fantastic acting from anne.

  5.  get me on the grid!


    went to see this with hubby for his birthday and have to say i really didnt want to see it at all. However i thought it was fabulous! The 3D concept works really well with this film, because the normal every day world is in 2D and the tron world is in 3D. I have never seen the original so i guess i have nothing to compare it too, but in all honesty i don t think it should be compared, its a film in its own right that explains itself from start to finish and is brilliant. All the cast were brilliant, my favourite being castor but then i love michael sheen! and i would be first in line for any sequels! All in all probably the biggest surprise movie for me this year!

  6.  trailer hooked us in


    ok, so we went to see this after seeing the trailer and thinking...yep worth a watch and have to say it was brilliant. I loved bradley coopers portrayal of both genius and underdog and the supporting cast were pretty good too. A little disappointed with robert de niro who i think was a little under used but all in all a very good concept and a brilliant ending that you dont really expect! own it!

  7.  hahahaha! awesome!


    seth rogen makes this film! There is literally only him, that could provide the voice to one of the crudest rudest cgi aliens ever, and do it in such a way that you find yourself laughing more at him then at anyone else. Creates some of the most memorable hilarious quotes ever! If you are a fan of simon and Nick you may be somewhat disappointed as this doesnt quite have the same comedic element that is present in hot fuzz or shaun, however seth rogen has voiced a little gem that you cannot help but love! Brilliant movie! one for the collection!

  8.  WOW!


    One of the best movies this year. Loved the storyline, the acting, the direction. It really does make you wary of men in trilbys ( sorry to all trilby owners out there!) It makes you think...and it makes you think again...and you want the ending you get. Brilliant movie, that also makes Matt Damon someone other than jason bourne! brilliant! own it!

  9.  this is beleagured castle....


    totally loved this film! well directed ( good old duncan jones ) and well acted by everyone. We loved the storyline...., the direction...the effects and although its being compared to groundhog day...its soooooo much better! saw it at the cinema twice...will no doubt watch it a few times when it hits blu ray....."as always you will only have 8 minutes" :)

  10.  pretty good


    a watchable movie, a good but pretty obvious twist, stunning location and some really gruesome moments. All in all we enjoyed this film, but wouldnt rush to watch it again in a massive hurry. Definitely worth a watch ...