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  1.  and at last i see the light


    this movie is fantastic! lovely, beautiful and captivating and appealing to all ages male or female. Funny, sad, beautiful and creating one of the most memorable 3D movie scenes ever involving some chinese lanterns....... watch this! its visually stunning and beautiful...disney at its best :)

  2.  Bring The Thunder!!


    Went to see this at the Cinema Twice!! Brilliant movie full of humour and action. Likeable characters, good plot, good action scenes. Kenneth Branagh should be proud. Thor and Loki are well portrayed and Loki has enough charm to make you even like him when he's being bad. Overall probably the best Marvel movie around, and i like Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk and all the others but this one is accessible to everyone. SEE IT!!

  3.  Yay!!!!! A twisted game!! Underland rules!


    From the moment you run this game on your DS you will be hooked by the warped world of Alice. The graphical style suits the game to a tee and the gameplay although frustrating at times is fun and addictive. Definately recommended to anyone who loves the film.

  4.  Erm.......35 Year old bloke in a green spandex elf suit!


    What can i say about this game, the premises is weird as hell. A bloke of 35 magically being put in a elf suit and collecting rupees by killing weird looking animals and completing tasks. Imagine Zelda with a warped edge. BUT! its surprisingly good and addictive, not one for the kids though as the bizzareness of it will totally throw them. Good graphics and weird ideas make a good game.

  5.  awesome as ....


    brilliant! have been lucky enough to see green day 3 times live and when i hear this cd, it sends shivers down my spine, awesome band, every fan must own this!

  6.  directors cut adds emotion


    I am probably one of the only people in this world who had never seen this until about a month ago! I thought it was brill! Then i watched the directors cut.....it definitely adds something! effects are better and it adds the emotion to make you feel a rather strong attachment to donnie......something i think the original lacks. Watch out for a young ashley tisdale! mad! brilliant film.......and blu ray makes it even more brilliant!

  7.  dog poo! this is awesome!


    soooo funny in a freaky weird kind of way, wouldnt necessarily say kids could watch it, but our 9 year old loves it! Brilliant performance by Jake and generates some of the most memorable movie moments ever! 500 dollllaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :)

  8.  would never have watched but glad i did


    this film was really good, a little like stand by me, and a lovely true story. All characters were liekable and believeable and it was interesting too :)

  9.  Smith and Western (China that is)


    Do not be put off if you love the original, so do i. The original is a childhood memory i cherish but the new version is just as good and updates the story without stealing too much from it. Jaden Smith is excellent and Jackie Chan is his usual brilliant self with some actual emotion included. Thoroughly enjoyable and recommended to everyone, it wipes away the memories of The Next Karate Kid.

  10.  Nobody Knows.......


    Well, what can we say about this film........Brilliant is a good word to use. Bought this on import for the wife who likes Jared Leto. Put it on expecting quite alot from it as the trailer was excellent. Totally blown away by it, complex, enduring and funny at times. Very difficult to follow the story unless you can give it your full attention. Jared is excellent (My wife will laugh at me writing that!) but then so are the rest of the cast. Definately one to buy when it eventually comes out here. Visually stunning and plot driven.