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  1. Conan



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     Conan the God of War!?!


    Just picked this up from somewhere else for 3 quid. Its God of War but cheaper. Good gameplay, constant hack and slash with the odd puzzle. Graphics do improve as the game moves to more interesting environment. Pick up cheap somewhere, i wouldn't pay more than a fiver for it. Enjoyable throwaway beat em up.

  2.  Erm. Wow! Didn't expect that! I actually liked it!! :-)


    Right lets set this out from the start, this is a bloke writing this review. This movie is about a girl and a frog, you'd expect typical Disney sacharine soaked sparkles!. Nope! this film has a good storyline with good music and good characters, none of which are overly soaked in disney sweetness. Sat and watched this with my Wife, My 8 year old son and my 5 year old daughter expecting my daughter to be the only one to like it. Surprisingly enough we all thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. The animation is beautiful, the music is foot tapping and overall i think its probably one of disneys best for year. We have since watched it around 4 time.

    Note to Dads out there- Buy this for your kids and you will be able to watch it too without getting bored.

    Highly recommended to everyone.

  3.  Enter the world you'll never want to leave.


    Brilliant! I am not a big role playing game fan. I got this simply to see what all the fuss was about. Well i can see now why people disappear for hours on it, its immersive and you care about the characters. The combat is cool and your character is customisable to the extreme, even being able ot change the facial features. The graphics are brilliant and the world is full of quests and subquests. Recommended to everyone whos old enough to buy it.

  4.  Action packed pets!


    Definately one for the kids. My 8 year old and 5 year old love it. A action packed movie with enough special effects and jokes to keep the kids happy all the way through. Adults can sit through it without getting bored or fed up with it. All in all definately one to get any action movie fan below the age of 10.

  5.  Close the Shutter and watch this...


    Saw the ad for this when it came out and thought...erm okay...looks a bit weird. So when it hit bluray i thought why not, suprisingly its quite good. Dicaprio and Ruffalo are good, the plot is interesting and it moves along at a resonable pace. Not the creepiest movie ever made or the best but good enough for fans of this genre. Only downside is that its not as jumpy nor scary as it could have been. Recommended to those who either like Dicaprio or pyschological movies.

  6.  best of the 3


    love this album, from start to finish, dislike some of the bands that feature on here, but love the tracks they have that are on here! Has introduced me to music that if i'd have heard in every day situation would have turned it off, awesome soundtrack, defo love it, recommended highly :) :)

  7.  sweet and funny


    very british, very northern, funny in parts and you can't help but love michael sheens character of colin!

  8.  Wonderland Rules!


    A brilliant film from start to finish. The only downside is its not actually written by Burton, if Burton had done the script it would have been a little more twisted. Alice is okay...not brill but not to the point of spoiling it. The Mad Hatter is awesome, mental, twisted, and schitzophrenic. The rest of the cast from Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee all the way down to Bayhard are brilliantly voiced. The film itself still works without the 3D. buy this if you love Tim Burton.

  9.  Box?....Box?.....I'd prefer a Cardboard one please!


    What can i say....urm....utter rubbish! Totally pointless, the film starts well, the box arrives and the creepy deal is made. Then it goes really weird and goes from bad to worse. Avoid like the plague. Bad acting, bad direction, bad script and a dud ending (I forwarded through this simply to find out what happened at the end from about 25 minutes in).

  10.  Wow!!!


    What can i say, we saw this for the first time on Blu Ray and wow! it looks Awesome. The story although generic, sucks you in and keeps you watching from the start to the very end. All in all a superb movie with some of the best special effects ever seen. Definately worth buying.