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  1.  awesome


    great item, much bigger than i thought it would be! Love the volturi and a really good collectable piece at this low price!!

  2.  I have a Need, A Need For Speed!


    Awesome! The best driving game on the Wii. Both the kids and I love playing this one, with its squat cars and easy to use interface. Good fun for everyone and can be played together. I love the Need for Speed series and this is one of my favourites. Only complaint is there is not enough of it.

  3.  We're going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo! How about you!


    Bought this for my 8 Year old Boy and 5 Year old Girl and they love it!
    Excellent cartoon style graphics and easy to use interface make this Zoo sim an essential for anyone with kids who love animals. Everything about it is fun and educational. You can pet the animals, clean them, and even play games with them. With a wide range of animals and toys my kids have had hours of fun with this and keep going back to it. Well worth its current 4.99 Price tag.

  4.  awesome! loving the addition of the volturi


    the volturi quite literally rule this film, Michael Sheen is fabulous as Aro, and unlike twilight the vampires look a lot more human! awesome awesome awesome film!!! love it!

  5.  YARP!!!! YARP! YARP! YARP!!!


    This is a fantastic film. One of Simon Peggs best, forget Shaun of the Dead (Which is also great), this is better. Some quoatable dialogue and all round funny film. The actings great, its based on Wells in Somerset and has some great homages to other films. Although the Model village scene is a bit gross. All in all one of our favourites and well worth buying if you want a good laugh and decent storyline.

  6.  knowing me knowing poo!!


    what a total waste of cinema tickets! We spent months waiting for this to come out after a fantatsic theatrical trailer, was on the edge of our seats for the first hour or so, then, something happened. It always seemed to me that the writer had started 2 films, he had the beginning of one and the ending of another stuck em together and came up with this. such a waste of good talent :(

  7.  This Tin Can Kicks Arse!


    This is one of the best Origin movies around, Robert Downey Jnr is perfect as Tony Stark in what proves to be an excellent and very amusing movie. From the prototype to the final Ironman it pulls you in a keeps you entertained. Even the predictable plot can be forgiven and the fact that this doesn't rely on the Special Effects to keep it going is a bonus. Can't wait for Ironman 2...Bring it on!

  8.  A Cut (Throat!) above everything else this year!


    Absolutely Brilliant!, We are big fans of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp Movies. This is the best yet.. we Hate musicals but I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves or hates them. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are fantastic as Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett and the songs are instantly memorable. Have A Little Priest is the best and most twisted song I have ever heard. The acting is first class. SIMPLY SEE THIS FILM! and buy the DVD, SOUNDTRACK and even the MAKING OF BOOK! MISS THIS MISS A CLASSIC BURTON MOVIE!