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  1.  Not to be missed


    To anyone looking at this film wondering whether you should get it or not.

    This film is very similar in humour to the royal tenenbaums, it's quirky, odd and very subtle. A lot of people will not like this film and I base this on their lack of intelligence mainly and also ignorance when it comes to understanding comedy. True comedy that takes intelligence to write, to direct and to act is how I would describe this film. Something only a select few will ever be able to manage. Bill Murray is a solid actor in everything that he does. His work in this movie, moonrise kingdom and the above mentioned royal tenenbaums is far above the abilities of most if not all actors.

    If you don't like this film it's because you lack the iQ to be able to deal with it, to understand it, to see the subtle snippets of comedy that you have clearly missed.

    A must buy for those with a normal iQ level and who appreciate real comedy.



    Northern Exposure.

    Whilst I am a fan of the show I do feel that some of the episodes lose their way and seem to be written when they couldn't think of anything to write about - so they include lots of potentious dream scenes for various characters, back in time episodes and the inclusion of characters that really don't fit into the show - take Adam for example, a rude, obnoxious idiot that I fast forward everytime he is on. His featuring in season one was enough but they felt he needed more exposure!

    Nothern exposure does have a warmth about it, and some very likeable characters - Maurice Minnifield a tough say it like it is ex Marine fighter pilot, Marylin Whirlwind - a calm Native American and doctors receptionist who doesn't say much, but she doesn't have to, Ed ChigliaK - a mild mannered half Native American movie enthusiast and Maurices dogs body. Ruth Anne - the local store owner and of course Holling Vincoeur and Shelley Tambo - the unlikely pair who run the Brick bar and restaurant. All of these characters fit into the shows surroundings and story lines very well.

    The other main characters I could take with a pinch of salt and feel their inclusion, even the two main cast members in the first few seasons are not as good as the above mentioned characters. Dr Fleichman, though well acted and not the actors fault and the actress that plays Maggie Mole have a constant love hate relationship which gets very boring by season three when they are still at it.The writers fault again!! Chris Stevens - the local disc jockey is at times good, and others very potentious with his assumed great wealth of knowlege and goings on about complete rubbish most of the time. Though Dr Flechman's character was the premise for the show, I think they could have relied on something other than a love hate theme which is so very boring and cliche.

    I think the show could have been a lot better than what it was, at times it seems the writers were trying to be clever or try something different and off the wall, but by doing this they made terrible episodes. Far too many 'dream' epsiodes.

    70% of the show is very good, the rest in my opinion isn't worth very much with a very sad let down of a last episode. I know the show had its problems with Rob Marrow wanting more from his contract, which was apparent in the last two seasons when he slipped away, but I don't think they did very much to hold onto a great idea.

    It is worth noting that Doc Martin and the new series of Hart Of Dixie is really just another take on the same story. Doctor from the big city moves to rural location to become a GP.

  3.  Great sitcom, not the best quality dvd.


    5 stars for cheers but only 4 stars because you will notice that some of the episodes switch from an unwatchable grainy bad quality image to the standard image again. Not sure how they go that wrong when making this dvd set.

    Other than that cheers is a must buy (apart from woody crying at some point in every series). No idea how long we'll have to wait until the rest of the series comes out on region 2.

  4.  Ok but you can do better for the same or less money


    A lot of decent reviews on this for some reason.

    Yes this will increase the sound quality of your tv without the need for loads of speakers and a separate amplifier/cinema system but for the price of it, around 150 as of Dec 2011, I think you can do a lot better. My pc speakers, logitech Z4's cost me 40 and these blow this soundbar out of the water.

    What you don't get with this soundbar is much bass, yes it is there but don't expect anything amazing.

    Looks wise it scores highly with its gloss black finish and you get a remote control with which you wouldn't get with most pc speakers, it fits underneath the tv and has connections for attaching other equipment.

    With sound bars you're better off getting one with a separate subwoofer.

  5.  A cheesey cuddly cheese fest


    I remember when this was released as it was around the same time as Deadwood and because of Deadwood I didn't pay much attention to it until recently when I thought I'd give it a go.

    From various reviews and the awards that it won I thought it sounded promising.

    If you've ever watched Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman you will get an idea of the feel of this series, though a little more adult in places it is that cheesey with the narration bordering on seriously annoying after about 3minutes. It's all too smiley most of the time and feels too polished and cuddly.

    I think from watching a series like Deadwood which was very raw, gritty and graphic this series is more like an early nineties cheese fest. I know others like it but it's not for me.

  6.  A terrible mistake


    Those that like Midsomer murders will all know that John Nettles is far superior to this chap in the role of the head investigator.

    The series now just does not have the same feel about it and I cannot help but get agitated at the arrogance and rudeness of the character that Neil Dudgeon plays. I normally like him as an actor but in this series for me he fails terribly.

    I feel his constant belittlement of the Sergeant makes him a very unlikeable character.

    Midsomer will be coming to an end soon I feel and with this current cast lineup I won't miss it.

  7.  One of the best!


    This film is excellent!

    Dean Martin makes the film for me as an ex drunk turned lawman struggling with his addiction.

    A very powerful film of loyalty and friendship

  8.  One of his best


    A very good all time classic with strong acting from Mitcham and John Wayne.

    These dvd's are so inexpensive now, possibly because bluray is now out and quite cheap itself. However a lot of these old time movies don't look that much different on bluray to the original standard dvd version.

    I would put this on a par with Rio Bravo. A previous reviewer commented on the supposed cheesiness of Rio Bravo. That film is not cheesy, it's a feel good movie. So you got that compeltely wrong!!

    For any TRUE Duke fan, I would recomend seeing this film and Rio Bravo equally.

  9.  Bad casting


    Three of the same characters - though they have used two different actors to play them!!! Very sloppy!!

    Nothing really to do with the first film at all. Worth a watch just for the fighting but the accents on some of the actors are fake and over the top.


  10.  Good film shame about the accent of frodos brother!


    Solid, gritty film but the accent of frodos brother does my head in!!

    Casting people for a film like this can't be that difficult surely!