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  1.  Nearly as good as Vice City


    This is quite decent, although I thought not a patch on Vice City. I guess age has something to do with it. if you are early to mid thirties you will probably prefer VC for pure nostalgia, but if you are one of the G'd up wannabe ganster 12 year old kids, then you will prefer this.

    Which brings me to the point, looking at some of the way people review using text speak on a computer, leads me to believe half these reviewers are early teenagers, so what are you doing playing this? A prime example of parents purchasing their kids 18 rated games and people wonder why the gaming industry gets flack?!

    So as I say, if you are underage and type with text speak and prefer to drop letters and say "dis" and "dat" you will love this. If you are a little older and have a vocabulary and are at least of legal age, I would say Vice City is more preferable.

  2.  Great - so what its in three parts


    Some people are negative that SC2 is in three parts. But who cares? If each part is the same size as a full game - then all they are doing is not naming the other parts Starcraft 3 & 4. This game so far is pretty massive so as long as you get your money's worth from it who cares its in three parts - it actually gives something to look forward to. Would you have been disappointed with World of Warcraft when it came out as that was in different parts? No - because they were all massive!

    Not a major player of this genre, but I am really enjoying this. Its simply and quite intuitive. I am running it on a 27" iMac i5 with 8GB RAM with everything set to high and it absolutely flies along. Very pleased with it.

    Well worth a purchase for PC players and especially for Mac players (due to limited other titles available due to Mac not being a core gaming machine)

  3.  Great


    The DJ table manufacturing is excellent. Feels very solid which is nice as I thought it might be a bit flimsy. Feels higher quality than any of the guitars on the other relevant titles. The track listing is superb! These are the kind of tracks that you would have to pay for as extras on the guitar hero tracks. So real stormers, classics and unusual mash ups which you will never hear anywhere else other than in this game, Surprising easy to pick up but harder to master than guitar hero which I think is a bonus.

    Definitely a great buy. If you like the guitar hero games but think the price of this is a little steep I urge you to splash out. The build quality is better and the track listing way better than anything on any of the guitar hero's (and I have most of them). Don't delay - buy it today!

  4.  Superb


    Blu ray came today 2 days early so watched them both today. I have to say when it started it was very grainy - very much The Wrestler style so worried it may all be like this. However the visual styling is that the grain is to do with the political parts - when it transfers to the jungle the colours are so sharp and vibrant they jump off the screen. Both volumes of the film for this price is also noteworthy considering their separate retail price.

    Brilliant performance by one of my favourite actors, BDT. Thoroughly reccomend this film to any fan of Soderbergh or BDT, and of course those who want to learn about Che is a fun, vibrant and interesting fashion.

  5.  Dry Weetabix


    One fairly decent song, the rest is blander than dry weetabix (or The Verve's new album).

  6.  Not bad at all


    I am no coldplay fan boy. TO be honest, I liked the first album and bought it on day of release before it got played to death and killed. I thought the second was just ok and the 3rd, hurrendous. I thought I wouldnt buy another album, but after the first 2 singles I though it might be alright if its more up beat, had a stronger beat instead of the usual depression and moaning (leave that to Thom Yorke). I have listened to it 3 times this morning and it is actually rather good. Probably on par with The debut album. Much better songs, more upbeat, better sounding - but then, thats Brian Eno for you. Definately worth a go even if you are not a Coldplay fan boy like myself.

  7.  Are you having a laugh


    How old is everybody reviewing this film? Have you ever seen something that has won an oscar? "the best film I have ever seen?". I think you must have only watched 2 films in your life and that was probably Barbie?

    This is the most diabolical - cheesy, badly acted, terribly scriptid, spine tingling embarassing film to hit celluloid or digital media. Dragged to watch by the girlfriend (I have some chivalry) I can honestly say I needed a winter ski coat to keep me warm from how cold I kep going with embarassment. You know the feeling when something is so bad you cant even loko at the screen, so you try to hide - this is it. For 90 minutes.

    "Dancey" people will no doubt like it for the obvious reasons, if you think that kind of danncing is interesting to watch? But even that aside, it does not distract from just how bad this film actually is. I doubt if it was acquired on a buy one get one free - and this was a free film it would be worth a watch. Do something more entertaining, like watching a wall - at least it wont make you freeze and cringe with embarassment at everything which is done and said.

  8.  More of the same for fans


    Someone here has given this one star becasue it has bad online multiplayer as it was all her bought it for??? ITs not supposed to be a multi player game! Thats just an addition. Go and buy Warhawk if thats all you are interested in.

    This game is excellent if you like the original - however do not expect a great advance. It is just more of the same - which isnt definitely a bad thing, but if you are after progression you better look at something else. However as this is the LAST vegas game they are doing its worth checking out to finish the franchise.

  9.  Fine as long as you are watching it with a load of 12yr olds


    This film is rather dire. Its just yet another by the numbers film however uses as much profanity as it can to appear humerous which is effewct, just reminds you of how immature and pubescent an audience this film is aimed at. I watached Knocked Up which was brilliams so watched this with my girlfriend thinking it may be as good.

    Is it? Heck no. A warning to any male - dont make your missus sit through it - she may think us males are more immature than we really are if she thinks you find this entertaining. I would have given it one start - however there were 2 things which made me laugh - so had to be a 2 for at least raising a couple of smiles? Is that enough in a comedy nowardays? Or maybe im just not suited to it since i left high school a fair while ago!

  10.  Good for the genre


    The Hostel films are certainly an acquired taste. If you are like me and find all horror films pretty hillarious rather than scary - this is a good alternative becasue although it is not a scary suspenseful film(s), the hostel films aim to shock by being pretty sick in which case they hot the money. Sure they are sicker things in films, but you can tell the money that has been thrown at these films from the effects and production value.

    I bought this as ive seen them both but the Missus hasnt so haloween will be spent watching this. Not entirely themed as like I say - its not a suspenseful typical horror film - but still good and worth a watch.

    Having both the films in this set for the price is excellent as you get a ton of extras and the bos is really well presented with embossed detail on the front. A good all round package.