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  1.  Must buy


    A collectors edition well worthy of the De Palma classic. The cigar case is a nice box set well worth the money for any collector or Scarface fan. The accompanying steelbook is one of the best looking released to date. The extras, the Hd transfer, the True HD. Easily Universals best Collectors edition release.

  2.  The wait is over


    Lovely presentation of the box set. All six films come with hours and hours of bonus features. The True HD surround sound is unparalleled and the HD transfer is immense.
    However, the theory that George Lucas's part in the early success of the Star Wars phenomenon was an accident is once again questionable here. More needless additions to the original trilogy including a cliched "Noooooooo" that devalues the power of the final battle between Luke and Vader, again adds more frustration to me as a Star Wars fan. The pointless additions and the disappointing prequel trilogy aside, Star Wars will always be a phenomenon with great characters and a great story.

  3.  disappointed


    This is not a review so much of the film but of the box set. I found the blu ray transfer to be poor, the picture on Sky HD looks better. Of course like all Universal blu rays it contains the same unimaginative stock pop up menus and set up menus. The tin comes with some nice stills from the film, a poster and a load of tacky postcards. The box set is very poor and unimaginative when compared to other recent releases like Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars. Disc content is good and of course Jurassic Park is and always will be one of the greatest summer blockbusters of all time but the quality of Universals blu rays is if anything, lazy.

  4.  Forgotten classic


    The Outsiders has got to be one of the most forgotten classics of all time. Considering the film is directed by Francis Ford Coppola and has probably the greatest cast of young actors ever it seems to be largely unknown to most. Great film, great soundtrack, great blu ray transfer. This film is well worth buying. Stay Gold.

  5.  If Ed Wood made season reviews...


    If it was possible to give this zero stars I would. The production of this dvd is appalling, the highlights are shown from ridiculous angles and half the time the angle doesn't even capture the ball going in the net. I cant for the life of me believe that this was allowed to be released to the general public. It is as if they have gone out of their way to make this as unwatchable as possible, it is in fact so bad that I have enjoyed showing it to guests in my house to see the bewildered expression on their faces when they watch it.