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  1.  someone help


    okay, i have been searching around for a while now and i have been looking to see what speakers will go best with my macbok pro, and so will these be compatible with my macbook? please help :)
    thank you to anyone who does

  2. MAG



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     Help me please!!


    I am thinking about buying this game but i would like to no if it is similar to COD in the way that there is a party where you can invite your friends, pick your game mode and customise your guns?? please help me as i only really play to talk with my friends :) please comment this is whether i buy or dont buy!!!!

  3.  WAS good but then.....


    I bought this headset maybe 2/3 months ago and have used it an awful lot!! i was very happy with my purchase at first but in the last few days my sound quality coming out of it everybodys voice has gone crackly and then it doesnt pick up my voice so now it is practly useless..
    i am not saying it is bad just mine is faulty i dont no if anybody elses has done the same. the battery life is good and if you wear glasses then it can get a bit uncomfortable because it overlaps on the frames. so if you do buy then i hope yours doesnt do what mine has...i now need to buy a replacement not this one though!!



    now i dont have small hands so i cant say they dont work on that part but they don't work atall. i bought these for nfs shift which by the way is an amazing game so i put these things on my remote and ........ they fell straight off because the clips that are supposed to hold it on dont hold it on. if you want to try for yourself then dont think i am trying to stop you they dont cost much but in my opinion it is a waste. :[

  5. inFamous



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    Is there a online part to this game where you like fight people or is there anything like that you can do? Someone please answer.

  6.  Online?


    Does this game have online and if it does then is it good.

  7.  You Need One


    You so need the dualshock 3 and the rumble!! The experience just isn't the same without rumble. For example on CoD5 when you shoot it rumbles and it makes the experience so much better also it really doesn't put you off so don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!! It may be a little more expensive but you are paying for quality! Just BUY ONE !!!!!!

  8.  Average


    The game in itself was fun but then you completed it within a few hours so you then go online and that is probably the most complicated part as i have never played on cod before on any console and then suddenly i was taken into a game and then when i was playing online it was so jumpy i couldent see what was going on.

    The reason i gave it a 3 was purely cos the game was fun

    Ps.if you hhave never played on cod 5 and you want it i suggest you borrow it from a mate

  9.  good when u get used to it


    this game gets better wen u get further on in the game but i had to use a walkthrough so it is still very hard but if you like fun games but dont mind not using the full capeibility of the wii this is the game for u

  10.  brilliant


    this game is a definate buy dont think just buy the controls r fairly easy to master nd the game is just so fun sometimes you hav 2 stop nd think bout wot u do but not often so in my case it is amazing.