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  1.  STOP comparing it to Call of Duty


    This is not Call of Duty, so please stop saying you wanted a CoD beater or its not as good as CoD, Killzone 2 is not a run and gun grenade fest

    The singleplayer lacks in the story department unless you've played the other killzone games but the action more than makes up for it, the guns are good and varied from assault rifles to SMGs to shotguns to electricity guns and a bolt gun that can nail people to walls

    The enemy AI is far better than anything you've seen, they will actively hunt you down if you go out of their sight and will work together to flush you out of cover. One soldier will lay down fire on your position while the over will throw a grenade at you, if they run out of ammo and you're close they won't reload they'll charge at you and melee attack you. People don't seem to like this, they prefer enemies to wait 10 seconds before firing at you.

    The online play is quite simply brilliant. If you are used to CoD (everyone splits up and tries to get as many kills as possible then you wont like it) You get 16 vs 16 and there are 7 game modes ranging from search and destroy to team deathmatch, you play all of these and whichever team has the most wins at the end wins the match. You HAVE to play tactically, voice chat is a must in my opinion since an orgaised team with communication and a plan will completely annhiliate a rag tag bunch of players. The controls are heavy and as a result feel slower and maybe sluggish compared to CoD but once you're used to it its fine. The ranking and "perks" system is also far better than CoD. You can play the role of the average rifleman or you can be a medic, engineer or scout. Medics can revive fallen comrades as well as drop healthpacks to quicken the health regeneration. Engineers can deploy air support robots and repair fixed turrets. Scouts can track enemies and relay their position to team mates. This is a game where teamwork is a must and if you have some mates who you can rely on this game will last you a very long time online.

  2.  Pretty Good


    As a compact dvd player this is fine, so if you are limited to a small space next to the tv or similar then this is for you

    However, it claims to upscale the picture to near hd. This is wrong, any hdtv will upscale any sd content shown on it. If it didn't you would have a video with big black bars around it. Rather than make it look better, it will do the opposite, if the dvd has two sets of scaling going on (the tv and the dvd player doing the job) it will end up with enhanced edges and will look artificial.

    Anyone who tells you this makes dvds look like blu-ray is either lying or has convinced themselves its true. A high quality blu-ray such as the dark knight or any newish film and even older remastered flicks like blade runner will look far better than any dvd.

    Bear in mind this only has hdmi and no scart so this is for hdmi equipped hdtvs only!

  3.  Some answers to questions and a review


    Answers to Questions

    Videos can be transferred to the PSP in MPEG-2 format which is PSP compatible. Recordings go into the PlayTV menu, you can then export them from here to the XMB and watch them on there or copy from there to PSP, Memory Stick or external HDD.

    Yes, an external HDD can be used to store movies, photos, music etc but it must be formatted to FAT32 and not NTFS.

    The remote play feature works a dream...I used my psp to watch UK TV when I was in australia.

    Now for a quick review

    Installation is easy, you plug the playtv "box" into the ps3 via USB and also plug your digital aerial (an aerial capable of freeview basically) into the box via the aerial cable. You insert the supplied disc and let it play a intro video while it installs in the background. Once this is done, it will scan for channels and hey presto, you can watch, pause and record live TV. I'd recommend updating playtv before the first use though. Options-About-Check Update, make sure the disc isn't in when you update though.

    The picture quality is pretty much the same as my internal freeview tuner. Picture quality of the recordings is very good and if the ps3 is left on standby (Red light on power indicator) and you have programs scheduled to record the ps3 will turn on and record the programme and will turn itself off once its done. If you play games while recording you sometime get little stutters when playing back the program.

    5/5 product and well worth the £49.99 PLAY are selling it for

    Tip: Take a look at the 7 day programming guide on BBC One and FilmFour at 10pm onwards. There is a decent film to record almost every night! lots of savings over buying dvd's.

  4.  Need for Speed Undercover


    Good Points
    Fantastic sense of speed
    Brilliant list of cars

    Bad Points
    Poor framerate-why EA cannot produce a nfs game with a framerate that can stick at 30fps is beyond me, regularly drops very low
    Large steering deadzone-meaning you have to really push the analogue stick hard to turn at times.
    Difficulty-ridiculously easy

    Worst of all though is the general design of the game, theres a free roam mode but its useless since you cant drive to races, you just press down on the dpad and it skips to a race. This renders free roam useless and keeps cop chases to a minimum which is rubbish as the game is based on cop chases within races. You cant drive to performance shops or car shops as you just press start and choose cars. Upgrading cars is useless since a more powerful car is cheaper and better than getting a poor car and upgrading it.

    However, I'm a pretty big nfs fan and I can see past these to get some enjoyment, I wouldn't pay £40 for the game however, I can see this dropping in price very quickly after the awful industry reviews it has.

  5.  Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm


    Time for an unbiased review. Most of the reviews on here seem to be by Naruto Fans and so its automatically got 5 stars.

    My rating system:

    1 Star-Terrible
    2 Star-Poor
    3 Star-Good
    4 Star-Excellent
    5 Star-Must Own

    I'll start off with the games strong points

    The Graphics
    Excellently drawn characters and stages, slight jaggies on some edges, very noticeable on characters when moving as well as screen tearing. Very nice colours and art style, looks about as close to the cartoon as any current gen console will get.

    The Voice Acting
    Having only watched the first episode of naruto and in Japanese I'm not sure if the voice actors are the same as the tv series. They are however very good. The character Gaara stands out, a scary voice in a way and adds alot of character to him.

    Now onto the not so good bits

    The Gameplay
    Gameplay is very straightforward and easy to get into which is good in a way but its also very repetitive and generic (Think the Dragonball Tenkaichi series). There are plenty of characters and the special attacks do look very good. Another nice feature is fighting on the walls as well as on the ground.

    The Storymode

    The storymode is a mix of normal battles as well as special stages such as fighting huge bosses by hitting different button combinations.


    If you are a naruto fan then you pretty much need the game in your life. If not, you will probably find it a shallow beat em up with pretty visuals. I would recommend it once the price falls to below the £25 mark.

  6.  Brilliant


    I was unsure about this game originally but as it was cheap I thought I'd give it a go. Why I didn't get this on its launch day I dont know...

    Everything about the game is near perfect. The Storyline is surprisingly good, it has been keeping me interested so far. It revolves around a search for Sir Francis Drake's Hidden Treasure.

    The graphics still look very good even when compared to games like Metal Gear Solid 4. The character models, textures and colours are very good.

    The gameplay is a mixture of platforming and combat, both hand to hand as well as decent gunplay. The platforming is reminiscent of Tomb Raider and the gunfights with cover system reminds me of gears of war.

    The first level opens with immediate action as a sort of tutorial. It then moves on to a more story driven platforming and puzzle solving section. I wont tell any further as you'll have to buy the game and find out :)

  7.  Excellent


    As my first blu ray, I have to say I'm very impressed...Starters: The packaging is nice, the basic blu ray box with a cardboard cover containing a little character guide booklet. The disk includes: Have I got a story for you (4 kids different views on what batman is) Crossfire(Russian gangmembers vs Italian mobsters) Field Test(Story showing how batman never puts other peoples lives in danger)In Darkness Dwells(Featuring Killer Croc and The Scarecrow) Working Through Pain(Flashbacks of Bruce life before batman)Deadshot(batman vs the assassin Deadshot) Speical features include Commentary, documentaries, interviews, wonderwoman sneak peek and 4 batman: the animated series episodes (Legends of the Dark Knight, Heart of Ice, Over the Edge and I am the Night) Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy in all of them and sounds great...and at £12.99 you cannot go wrong. Languages are English, German and Spanish if it helps.

  8.  Simply Amazing


    Following the advice of other reviewers I bought the American Copy and I am very impressed. The things you miss out on here are: The Dark Knight Opening Scene Comic Book, Dark Knight Opening Scene Production Book and some special features (not sure if this is true)...I use a TH-42PZ81(The Freesat TV) and it looks absolutely amazing, there is no grain at all and everything is so smooth, the sound is equally good. If you only buy one blu ray movie this year, make it this one.

  9.  Fan-Flipping-Tastic


    After reading the below reviews you may be unsure as to whether its worth getting it on blu ray. I can confirm to you that it is fantastic quality in both image and sound quality. The below reviewers must be using poor quality equipment (lcd tv+cheap blu ray player=poor experience)

    I'm using a TH42PZ81 and PS3 and it couldn't be better

    Highly recommended!

  10.  Dragonball HD


    Burst Limit welcomes back the 2D style of the original Budokai and Shin Budokai series, gone is the super repetitive style of Tenkaichi.

    The amount of characters has dropped but this doesnt detract from the game too much as its only the huge characters and the generic types that are gone.

    The gameplay is lightning paced and the graphics look really good, the sound is good. As its a "2D" fighter,you can also play against a friend without a split screen. There's nothing quite like finishing a friend off with an ultimate technique. This game isnt for everyone, fans of the series and previous games will love it but I urge people to give it at least a rental first. You never know, you might just love it.