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  1.  A lot better than expexted.


    I love this film so much i think the fight scenes are good, it has a good soundtrack that fits in well with the film and the acting is more than acceptable. The storyline is basic but it was all it needed to be. Also a lot of people criticizing this because its like the karate kid, why? It's the only acceptable way they could've made the film, if they'd tried to mimic 'fight club' then it would've sucked. There are also a few considerable differences to 'Karate Kid' regarding the background of the learner and master and their motives for why they do what they do.

  2.  Gripping and Brilliant


    Superb i was very surprised with this film, kept me interested and entertained throughout and it was a very strong performance from Dwayne Johnson.

  3.  Abysmal


    Rubbish pure and simple i don't care how many awards it won it's Just abuot some poor boy who won who wants to be a millionaire and some guy (been ages since i saw it) thinks he cheated and wants the "truth" out of him. So he resights the questions to him and there is flashbacks as to how some poor boy knew such difficult answers. Absolute rubbish no matter how much you like this film I'd love to know how ANYONE can watch this over-and-over because i certainly won't be.

  4.  Far too long, and just plain rubbish.


    This film really does drag on, there is a significant lack of action and It is very sloppy. I don't know who the director is but i did ask myself a couple of times given some of the gory scenes, and i also asked myself who are the target audience for this? Furthermore the soundtrack is abysmal the songs seem to have nothing to do with the film, nor do they come in at any relevant part and finally they seem to just throw sex scenes into the film at random, which isn't actually that good of a thing.

  5.  Awesome


    Great stuff funny as hell and from start to finish is packed with British humor. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

  6.  Really surprisingly good


    I like a lot of other people on here watched this for the fun of it and am still wondering how it was so good. It's sort of fairytale, but it's also got a lot of humor and fairly good storyline. I really liked it and is the most pleasantly surprised i've been about a film since 'Rock'n'Rolla'.

  7.  soooo funny


    Trust me this film is so funny as long as you don't have a terrible sense of humor you will love this film, better than road and boat trip.

  8.  minute after minute pointless dialogue


    This film might have been alright if the first hour was only 15 minutes but no, they just run on and on about nothing at all, pointless dialogue that is just hurtful to your ears it is so tedious. Sorry folks this film is just really not my thing.

  9.  Best fps of all time


    Superb single player campaign is a cut above any fps campaign i have played and its online is just insanely addictive. Must own.

  10.  Excellent


    Basically this film is just really funny I quite like Steve Carell who does a good job in this and its kind of an American and funnier version of 'Johnny English'.