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  1.  Only Rockstar can achieve in making a detective game great


    It's incredibly interactive. I randomly walked into a cafe sat down by pressing Y and my partner sat opposite me. And all I did was press X and we'll start talking about a case. Outside the cafe I was in it was raining and you can hear the rain running down the windows as well as seeing it . Such brilliant graphics and sound-effects. And the facial animation is amazing.

    As for the detective side of the game its the best out there in terms of detective work. So indepth! At times it can get repetitive but that doesn't mean its a bad thing; having to do the same process with collecting evidence, avoids frustration. There are 40 side missions were you respond to dispatch by pressing A whilst driving along, thats quite a lot of missions bearing in mind that is 40 completely unique side missions which we'll keep you busy for hours.

    The whole concept of going Detective instead of being a criminal doing as you want around a city was a pretty risky approach to introduce to the gaming market. But they've succeeded very well, simply because it is Rockstar and they are always setting a very high standard, no matter what concept they choose to create in their open-world games.. So role on GTA5!

  2. Rage


    Xbox 360

    5 New from  £6.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.98

     What a great game. Love it!


    I was so sick of the advert on this game, it was the most advertised game ever. A day never went by where I didn't see Rage trailer on tele or on the net. Didn't think much about this game, just never found the interest to buy it, I thought it was just one of those novelty games, even when I heard it was from the makers of Doom, strangely, this wasn't enough to motivate me to buy it. The trailer was not only annoying but made it look like a novelty game so I didn't think it did it any justice.

    This game is by far one of the most enjoyable games I have played this year. I love that crossbow, has a great satisfying feel to it when you shoot targets in the head and that boomerang weapon is awesome.

    Download the demo and you will find that addictive I'm sure of it. With the low price its at now you cant go wrong.

    Gameplay has a great smooth feel to it, graphics are pretty nice. If I hear Rage 2 is set for release some time next year I will be preordering it without a doubt.

  3.  Far better


    I played dead space 1 and to be honest I didn't like it one bit - I found the movement and animation to be un smooth and stiff when moving around and because of that shooting targets felt awkward . So for that reason I never played it again after 10 minutes of play.

    To be honest I bought Dead Space 2 for two reasons; one because it was cheaper and two I am a fan of EA's games. From the moment I slipped into my engineer suit on I became addicted to the game throughout, and the animation on when you slip on the suit is amazing it reminds me of Iron Man, in fact I think they got the idea from that. This time round I found the movement and mechanics a lot more smooth and fluent which makes the gameplay far more enjoyable.

    The only bad thing I have to say about DS2 is having to use your telekinesis or stump on a corpse to collect ammo and items. I found this very annoying and tedious at times as I found myself spending most of my time having to stump or use my telekinesis on corpses to get that all important ammo. Nevertheless this wasn't enough to ruin my experience. But it could still do without all that lark of stumping for ammo.

    I wouldn't say DS2 is a great game but I would say its a very good game and definitely worth a play. The gameplay is pretty fun but isn't all that original, you cant help but notice its a bit similar to Fear but in 3rd person - tripping out seeing things that aren't there and things jumping out unexpectedly, and at times can be quite predictable, is nothing we haven't seen all before. But the whole concept of the game set in space and the fact its a 3rd person shooter is what makes this game worth every penny.

  4.  It can only get better from here


    The only song I liked of Professor Green's was 'Be Good To Green' featuring Lily Allen before I heard 'Read All About It', as for the rest, they were not to my liking. When I heard 'Read All About It' I thought what a great track. I can tell Eminem was his inspiration on coming up with that song , it reminds me of 'Love The Way You Lie". And there is nothing wrong with that - You cant pick a better rapper than Em for inspiration. 'Read It All About It' is a great song and I thought I will listen to the rest of his songs on his album. To my surprise most of them are pretty damn good.
    The song 'Doll' is another example of Professor Green inspired by Eminem. That song is quite similar to 'Marshal Mathers'. Again, another great song. To have Royce Da 5'9 featuring in one of his songs must be a great priviledge. Cos his one of the best rappers out there and that says it all about Professor Green's talent and best of all his British.

    Best songs on the album:

    - Read All About It
    - Trouble
    - Spinning Out
    - Remedy
    - Avalon
    - Astronaut
    - Doll
    - Never Be a Right Time
    - Nightmares
    - Today Cried
    - Falling Forever

  5.  Still no dedicated servers


    Campaign is great and the mulitplayer is more like MW2 and COD4 combined, its more interesting and more to unlock and more in depth, which is what it needed in the first place. Specs ops is back which was a wise approach, specs ops is the best thing about the game. The only thing I am disappointed with is they still have no dedicated servers, you're still relying on host connection. I think its, in some ways, an insult to fans. Battlefield 3, for me, is the better multiplayer, purely because of the reason you don't have to rely on a host connection and you can choose a region. I feel I have a better on line experience with BF 3. A real shame with MW3 not having dedicated servers, a real same, it would be so much better on line for people in the UK.

  6.  Much better than the beta


    Graphics are very good on campaign and nicely detailed on multiplayer, however though you cannot experience the full detail in HD if you do not have a hardrive in order to store the game to get the best visuals. So sadly I cannot see the multiplayer at its best but is still pretty impression nevertheless. There is no free for all mode or is there a hardcore. I don't quite know why there isn't any one of those modes but throwing that asside BF3 has so much to offer with its maps. Maps are well detailed, they are much bigger and I think very well thought out. I don't think I have come across one bad map. There was one particular map where you jumped off the cliff to parachute down to the next base from a great height. That was pretty awesome.

    Vehicles in the game, such as the jet planes and helicopters are pretty difficult to master. The helicopter is very difficult to get use too but with hours of practice it certainly would have its rewards.

    If you have played the beta and enjoyed that, you will enjoy the full version, most definitely. Sound is better, visuals are better and its more polished.

    To sum this game up on line: The style and gameplay is very similar to Bad Company 2 but a lot better.

    As for the campaign: Much better than any other single player that EA have ever done. If you played Medal of Honor and thought that was good, wait till you play this. It will most definitely be one of the best shooter you've played.

    Modern Warfare 3 I think is going to be great but with Battlefield 3 its a nice alternative to just play an entirely different style of gameplay on line and take a break from COD's traditional run around guns blazing and vise versa.

  7.  Must buy!


    Great album, have no idea why I have not heard about this album before. For me these are the best songs:

    - Welcome to Hell
    - Fast Lane
    - Lighters
    - Living proof
    - Take From Me

    Lighters is one epic song. Bruno Mars is not the best of artist but a great singer. With the guidance of a genius (Eminem) this is what he can achieve.

    Since Recovery, Em has found his magic. This latest album is 'living proof' of that. With Royce da 5'9 and Eminem the two combine together like apple crumble and custard. A must buy!

  8.  Great game, just the FTP I wanted to play right now.


    Ive got bored of most of my FPSes at the moment. As much as I like COD I would like some thing different. Contemplating on whether to buy Fear 3 or Crysis 2 was a difficult choice but when I searched up reviews on Fear 3 the choice was easy. So not knowing anything about Crysis 2 I decided to buy it any way. And so glad I did!

    Its like a Metal Gear Solid slash Halo. Graphics are the best Ive seen and the gameplay is pretty smooth. Though the gameplay takes a couple of hours to get the feel of. But that's a good thing! You may play as Prophet a super soldier with this Nano technology bionic suit that gives you awesome abilities such as invisibility, amour, and nano vision - allowing you to detect heat signatures. But that doesn't mean you can easily kill the enemy, as I kept finding out from the beginning the hard way with being shot dead all the time (cos I thought I was invincible.) Your bionic abilities are all reliant on your energy bar. So the game forces you to play tactically, and plan your course of action accordingly to take down the enemy with style. When you get use to Cyris 2's style of gameplay and unlock upgrades for guns and your nano suit on the way. Things really do get a whole lot better. And that's why this game is great!

  9.  Truely a brilliant game!


    Campaign is great all though could be just a little longer. I'm not a great fan of driving vehicles in FPSes. Find them a little tedious. But driving machines in this game is just epic. And loving the silent mission, COD style, where you take on the enemy silently by shooting them with a silencer or meleeing. Malee on this game is brilliant on campaign and on line.

    There is a level on this game where you have to take on this massive machine and I mean MASSIVE. I've played a lot of games taken on huge armour machines that are a round 100 foot high. Making the gamer feel like oh god how am i gonna take this on.

    But nothing prepares you for this armour machine on Killzone 3. The machine I'm on about is called "MAWLR" this machine is a round 500 foot high. But because of its great level of detail and graphics. It makes you think "HOLY S***!!!". A great level!

    Oh and lets not forget about the on line play. Its the best on line shooter on the PS3 so far.

  10.  Very addictive!


    TD2 could of been better graphically, probably to do with the huge scale of the island. It's big, and I mean big. However the graphics on the cars (you drive) are pretty good and the graphics on the environment are not bad, it just could of been better.

    This game offers so much to explore and do. If you loved the first then yes you are going to love this. It could of been better graphically, yes. But its still better than TD1, and for that reason doesn't disappoint.

    Oh and its very addictive.