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  1.  Demo's out and Loving it


    The game isn't released till next month, but the demo is out on the XBL Market and it is amazing. Like ShadowX said, you could go the traditional FPS way and just get a headshot for a measly 25 points, OR, you could rack up 500+ points on an awesome Skill Shot. Skill Shots are ways of killing enemies which give you points. The better the Skill Shot the more points. You don't just do one Skill Shot you could do multiple ones.

    Get drunk and kill enemies while you are Intoxicated.
    Pop off a Green Freaks head and be filled with Toxic Love.
    You can even shoot an enemy in the crotch, he will get down screaming and just finish him off with a kick to head, no Mercy.

    In the demo, you only get to use 3 guns, the PMC (Peace Maker Carbine) which is an assault rifle. The Screamer which is a Pistol, feels alot like the Boltok Pistol in Gears of War 2. The Flail Gun which is two grenades attached to eachother by a chain, it can stick to surfaces and wrap around enemies. It will detonate after a short period of time or you can detonate it yourself.
    Another weapon you get is the Energy Leash which is like a whip, you use it to pull enemies towards you, throw multiple enemies into the air or pull down ceilings on enemies.

    You are also able to kick enemies which sends them flying in slow motion, you are then able to elaborate on your attack, you could use your PMC and get the Bullet Kick skill shot, kick him some more off an edge, kick him into some spikes or electrical wires.

    There will be alot more weapons in the full game, more game modes and most likely alot of missions in Campaign.

    I suggest you get on your Xbox, download the demo and try it out for yourself. Don't worry if you can't rack up more then say 4000 points, you will be so hooked on this game that you will try and increase your overall score and move up through the leaderboards. The more you play and practice the more skill shots you will find out and the more ways you can kill your enemies. It's funny and awesome.

  2.  Brilliant Headset for a great price


    Ok, I don't usually buy headsets, but I have to say, the sound quality on these are badass. Listening to music with these are just amazing, it might be because I was listening to music through my tacky phone earphones lol.
    The headset is also very comfortable and fits nicely. Can hardly hear anything outside of the headphones. Going to have trouble answering my phone and the door, ha.
    One problem I had was with the mic, for one I have never really used headsets and so I haven't messed with mic settings before. Managed to sort it out in a matter of a minute maybe.

    Overall, brilliant headset and I recommend anyone who wants a reasonably priced headset with great sound quality to get this headset.

  3.  One of my Favourite PS2 games


    I can't remember when I got this game, it was years ago and I was quite young. I wasn't good at the game, but really enjoyed it. I played alot of it last year, sadly didn't complete it as I had other games to play.
    Anyway, this is by far one of my favourite games for the PS2. It really pulls you into the story and making you want to feel like it is real. I have watched the anime series and it was brilliant. If you are into hack n slash games, this is the one for you. It's a game within a game, I won't spoil anything for you, but if you get it you will really enjoy it. Can't wait to play the rest of the series. Just wish they released .hack//fragment over here and kept the servers open. It would of been a great game. I also wish they would release .hack//G.U series over here.

  4.  Worst film ever


    I watched this film like a year ago, I was still in high school and we had to do a film review on this film and also make up our own ending of the film.
    I have to say, this was the worst film in my life, nothing is scary about it, no jumpy scenes. Just utter rubbish. This film was a complete waste of my life, I have read some reviews on here and I just think it's a load of bull to be honest. They say it's scary and all physcological and stuff, but I really don't know how to put it in words. It's just truly horrible.