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  1.  The best is back but not quite the revolution expected.


    I had been waiting for Gran Turismo ever since it was first announced, desperate to get my hands on it, and I played and enjoyed GT5: Prologue. With all the fuss about WRC and NASCAR licenses, it seemed like it was going to be easily the biggest racing game ever. And it is, but anyone expecting a revelation will be sorely disappointed. The graphics are beautiful, but the standard cars are noticeably lower res and the trees still look like cardboard; autumn ring and deep forest look like they could have been upscaled from GT4. The game handles like an absolute dream with a dual shock (I don't have a racing wheel) and anyone looking to play a fully fledged Gran Turismo will not be disappointed, but if you are looking for a big step forward, you will come away feeling cheated.

    The damage modelling has been much talked about, and on the standard cars is pretty poor. Massive crashes show slight warping of your bumper but little more. It doesn't include the full NASCAR and WRC tournaments, but instead there are special races, which are good, but if I'm honest I was expecting more. All in all there are still things to improve on, it would be nice for them to get trees a little less fake looking, better shadow effects and sort out the damage properly, as well as getting rid of the standard cars and focusing on more premium ones, but in my opinion it's still the best looking, most realistic and enjoyable racing sim money can buy. You will be playing it for months!

  2.  Try something new!


    Guitar Hero and Rock Band have become pretty big household names, so it's nice to see something a little bit different. The game is nicely set out with a tutorial that breaks in gently and difficulty to accommodate any gamer (I started on normal).

    The music is brilliant with a lot of variety - I haven't come across a song I didn't like yet and the controller is sturdy and a pleasure to use. It can take a little getting used to at first but this is a game that is definitely worth the asking price with it's 93 songs, and it certainly brings the same level of excitement that Guitar Hero did when it was first introduced.

  3. Fuel



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     Criminally under rated and over looked.


    After trundling through the reviews online this game has been rated fairly average by most websites, with very few highly rated scores. Because of this I opted to wait for a price cut before buying the game. I can now quite confidently say had I not waited and purchased this at £40 I would have not felt short changed in the slightest.

    The graphics are very slick, though they do have their slightly jaggy moments, and the frame rate does tend to dip a little when there are several vehicles on the screen at once. The water effects however are good, the draw distance is amazing and the sense of speed is also good (once you get past the painfully slow first set of vehicles).

    The music is mainly forgettable rock that blends fairly well into the background but some of the sound effects aren't too hot, particularly the vehicles sometimes sounding akin to a giant wasp. Handling wise however is where this game excels. It takes almost no getting used to and is skiddy, slidey arcade off roading at its finest. It has been a long time since a game has hooked my like this, I really have been pleasantly surprised.

    There are quite a few trophies in the game, some you will get within minutes but some will take weeks to earn. You have the option to either drive to or select events from the menu and there are tons of collectables in the 19 areas.

    All in all a very strong game that has been tainted by bad reviews. It's unlikely we'll see a sequel as sales I fear have been fairly poor, but I can almost guarantee if you pick this up for under £20 as advertised here you will most certainly not be disappointed.