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  1.  Watch it TWICE!


    I loved the first TRON film. It was original and captured peoples imaginations, and was one of those films that always deserved a sequel. When I first watched the Blu-Ray of TRON Legacy all the way through I liked the film but thought it only 'good'...and not as good as the original. HOWEVER, 6 months on I just decided to watch this again, lights off, surround sound, late at night and uninterrupted. WOW...I was mesmerized and hypnotized from start to finish. Everything about this film is so slick. It is beautifully crafted, written and directed, with no stupid over-the-topness that ruins so many modern sci-fi films. The story is relatively simple, there are only a handful of main characters, but the flow and pace is just perfect, and the music is outstanding...so good I bought the album. But of course, it is the visual fidelity and crazy neon art that really stands out...but this time over 20 years after the original everything looks stunning, especially on Blu-Ray. This is the most visually amazing and vibrant film I have seen since The Matrix, and that was the most visually amazing film since Blade Runner...so that's saying a LOT. But of course its ultimately the story and characters that make TRON Legacy. This isn't a perfect film, but it sure is stunning in so many ways and lingers in your mind a long time after seeing it. This truly has been a labor of love for the screenwriters, artists and director. People are making the wrong judgement by comparing it to the original, which had better characters, but this is equally good in so many ways. HIGHLY recommended for any fans of the original and anyone wanting to electrify their mind with a universe that exists only on a micro-processor. I wait in great hope for a third film!

  2.  The ruination of a franchise...so it begins...


    I have been a huge Star Trek fan for over 20 years, and have followed the series' and films closely with much delight. Having greatly anticipated this film, upon seeing it, the film connected with me in no way whatsoever. What starts off as a promising and visionary looking film, quickly slides into the familiar realm of American OTT action movie. Lets get one thing straight: this is not Star Trek, it is rather a mindless action movie packed with so much CGI, unconvincing characters and hardly any proper models. The casting is just decent enough (especially Spock), but the directing is atrocious and unimaginative. The film rockets along at a pace that is more like the brainless Armageddon than star trek, the bad guys are dull and characterless, and even the ending is utterly and crushingly disappointing. There is virtually NO originality in the story, it just covers the same old ground as many episodes before it. The worse part of this film? The action scenes: they are so fast, horribly messy and the camera shakes all over the place so you never really get to see who's shooting who or whether the bad guys are dressed in evil combat gear or ballet suits with ski masks . It's like the 'action scenes' are shot during an earthquake. There are very few redeeming features this film has for true star trek fans, and in contrast to films like The Voyage Home, Wrath of Khan, First Contact and the incredible and underrated Nemesis, this is just a shabby, modern-day hollywood mess. JJ Abrams has begun the ruination of the worlds greatest sci-fi franchise.

  3.  Manns best since HEAT...


    I'm a big Michael Mann fan and this is his best effort since HEAT-the cop thriller all others are measured by. I was actually surprised how brilliant and realistic this film is...the characters dont really shine like Pacino and Deniro in HEAT, but Public Enemies holds together really well, and is superbly paced. Theres plenty of action and gunfights and its all beautifully directed and shot, and sometimes you will be wincing as bullets tear holes through clothing, and people stagger to the ground after being peppered with tommy guns and pump actions. Ignore the unappreciative negative reviews and watch this if you like films that flow really nice and are brilliantly believeable. Mann has finally come close to HEAT with Public Enemies. The only let down is the strange sound which sometimes has the voices dipping quite low, but maybe its my 5.1? A stunning film which I highly reccommend...9/10.

  4. Heat



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     michael manns finest hour


    absolutely one of the top ten greatest films ever made...theres nothing like and there never will be!

  5.  hugely under-rated gem of a film!


    Ignore what negative press this has had-I enjoyed this film more than any of the flashy xmen films. instead of relying on big budgets and special effects, the punisher focuses on one mans struggle of suffering, planning and revenge. theres some great action and set pieces and the characters are superb, especially tom jane as frank castle. the whole film is hugely enjoyable from start to finish and contains humour aswell as believable and realistic action. ignore the members review above and buy this now. massively recommended!