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  1.  A Materpiece!


    Killzone 2 has to be the best FPS i have ever played. There was SO much hype before the game came out that i was questioning weather KZ would live up to its expectations but i have to say it does with flying colours!

    The first thing that strikes you is the graphics. Anyone who says that the graphics in Killzone are not that good need to get a HD TV seriously. The backgrounds, the rough environment, the guns, the AI, you can just tell that Guerrilla Games has spent a lot of time and money thinking about every single detail.

    The gameplay is breathtaking, i have read a lot of reviews from people saying that the controls are difficult to get used to but its very simple to change them. If you're used to Call of Duty 4 controls just change the control setting to "Alternate 2" and you should be fine. The campaign itself is very difficult, there are some levels where you have Helghast soldiers coming at you from all angles. The length of the Campaign is also quite long which is good. There are also a lot of different types of guns to choose from with everyone having a different look and feel to it.

    The multiplayer (WARZONE) is extremely deep, after you complete the campaign this is where you will spend most of your time. You can create your own clan and invite your friends plus full stats are available in game.

    The only criticisms that i can think of is the fact that there are some minor frame rate issues which you will experience in the campaign but its nothing major. There were some multiplayer issues which you would expect from a game this large but they released an update which fixed that.

    In Conclusion, i have owned almost every FPS on the PS3 (Call of Duty 4, Battlefield BC, Las Vegas 2 etc) and Killzone 2 is leaps and bounds above all of them in every aspect. If you have a PS3 you have to have Killzone 2. The only game that I can think of that could challenge Killzone 2 is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield Bad Company 2 but we will wait and see.

  2.  A Materpiece in Anime History


    I'm a very big fan of Anime and I've watched alot over the years and i honestly consider this one of the best ever made.

    When i was first introduced to Death Note i was a bit suspicious because the actual story sounded a bit crazy but my friend convinced me to watch it.

    I have to say, im glad he did because its the most gripping anime ever. Every episode is masterfully constructed to make the viewer want more, the level of intelligence in this anime is unbelievable, the way that the directer shows the battle of whits between the two main characters, Light and L is soo intense.

    After you watch an episode you think you know it all but trust me you don't because theres soo many twists and turns your brains is gona be left in knots.

    This is truley a is a masterpiece in Anime history, anyone who loves anime or someone who wants to watch something that is gona make them think, you have to get this, TRUST me you will not regret it.

  3.  Best PS3 Game Out Now.


    This is the best PS3 game out right now, iv had it for a week now and i'm addicted to it, the first person campaign is amazing, iv read alot of reviews saying that its short but after playing it i didn't even think it was that short, the graphics are out of this world, the game play is unbelievable, the sound is intense (its like your actually there)

    The thing that puts COD 4 on another level to other games on the PS3 is the online multilayer..playing online will get you addicted to it like i am, if anyone has ever played Battlefield 2 on there PC its a bit like that but with better graphics..the actual maps where you kill each other are not as big as the Battlefield 2 ones but are still really big, the more you kill the better rank you get and that lets you have better weapons..i recommend people to complete the first person campaign before getting online because you will be killed alot, the reason for this is you have to get used to the controls

    my PS3 name is EzziiG..add me