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  1.  The best TV series in ages


    This is absolutely brilliant. I missed it on TV so bought it to watch. Really good. Movie style effects and whilst some parts degenerate into soap opera on the whole it keeps moving well.

  2.  Fantastic viking metal ... love it !


    The nornik metal scene just gets better with every new band I discover. This is a brilliant album. Its not remotely death metal as its a fusion of Turisas/Korplikaani/Ensiferum. It is a brilliant album that has had repeated play in the ipod. I will be ordering the rest soon.

  3.  An interesting read .. nice to know how women are played.


    I bought this to gain an insight into why stupid, ugly or the needy seem to gain the upper hand. It is more of a book on psycology than anything else. Sadly, I have seem women played like this and morally a lot of what was in it I dont like. This all said Iit was a couple of quid and saw me through a dull weekend. I didnt finish it purely because it bored me in the end.

  4.  Blast from my past


    A great album which was bought to relive my teenage years. Post divorce and nearly 40 it brings back memories.

  5.  Classic comedy... brilliant !


    The best of British. Blackadder is still amusing to this day. A great value package.

  6.  Couldn't hear the lyrics clearly !


    I was looking forward to this as 'Feel the Steel' was amazingly crude, rude and obscene and everything I found funny because you can hear the lyrics. I expected the same from this one and had to strain to hear what the lyrics were saying. I think the band must have got shy and gone all polite as I wanted loud, crude and lewd and got 'lets be rude but make the instruments louder'. Frankly quite upbeat but a dissapointment. Yep I wanted catchy and sing along but humour. I could not hear that humour very well. Hard work. Not sure what to make of them now. Sorry guys. Feel the steel was better. For a joke band that can play you got serious on this album. You sold out. Not bad but then again not good.

  7.  Its C&C and its goood !!


    Firstly, this does not break the mould and follows the same path as its predecessors. That said, I like the format, the controls work well and some of the kick butt weaponary means ground troops can be tough as nails. Another worthy addition that continues the good vibe.

  8.  They could have done so much better !


    Firstly, I am a massive fan of the Warhammer 40k universe. The imagery, storyline and rich history provide a classic must for a game of depth. I know it has been said, but why the hell did they not give the game to Bethesda Studios for a game akin to Oblivion and have a space marine that can level up, buy new weapons, lead a squad and generally engorge the player with tales of daring do and rich gameplay ? Simple answer; 'Money'... bang out another generic shoot em up/hack and slash and rely on the licence to roll the money in !
    Lazy just lazy and it annoys me that like most decent licences companies fritter away the deep history and backdrop to another dumb down game and ignore the richness of 40k that makes it so engrossing.

    Ok now thats my moan. As a generic shooter/hack and slash quite good fun but it should have been called 'generic off the shoulder killing things game'... I mean its ok but 'Just' Orks.
    I mean where are the Eldar, the Nurgle hoard, the Necrons, the Chaos marines and the real bad biys of the 40k universe ?...nope just Orkses. We all know they like 'Wah' but why was their no choice of race ? A massive disappointment to a older lover of Warhammer who wanted rich intelligent gameplay. Lazy and disappointing frankly. If you are a fan do what I did and buy for a tenner from a car boot. Hack and slash and then moan.
    I just wish that one day someone will make the 40k game of my dreams. This sadly is not it.

  9.  Good proper rock !


    Dont blame it on the boom boom !

    What a brilliant album by a good band I took a chance on. Superb stuff that proves 'rock will never die'

    A fiver well spent.

  10.  Recommeded as a surprise discovery !


    I saw this band when supporting Judas Priest earlier this year. I had never heard of them but so impressed I bought the album.
    I think its best if I give you a run down of who has influenced them as very 'Heinz 57'
    They are a mixture of Led Zepplin, The Cult, Black Crowes, Thin Lizzy and even a hint of the cure. In short they have the heaviest influence by the Crowes but have a unique sound. This band I would pay to see again as frankly they were my surprise discovery this year. A band to watch.
    At the Priest gig they could not afford pyrotechnics, a flag banner or anything else. In fact their logo was their name printed on some paper stuck to a Marshall. I was so impressed as a small band with a big voice... I will watch them freom now on.
    It ain't thrash it is what I have described... good honest music. A great little band aiming for the big time. You wont be upset at 8 pound. I bought it at 10 pounds and am still happy.