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  1.  visually superb - otherwise underwhelming


    starting with the main high-point of the film is the stunning CGI graphics,

    other than that, unfortunately - the hype was badly overdone and the film itself was underwhelming.
    the storyline was weak,
    the characters were mostly rigid and unlikeable as they had no or very lacking personalities,

    other than that, it was a horribly overhyped film and I left feeling the entire budget went on the CGI and they had to pay for part-time jobber voice actors and storyline writers.

    worth a watch ONCE, other than that not really worth anything for repeat viewings

  2.  how anime should be done


    Not sure where to begin with this - but I suppose the best way to start is to say that this is quite possibly the best anime I have ever seen.

    Studio Ghibli have produced an absolute gem with this film - praise cannot be high enough in my opinion.

    From well worked English voiceovers to brilliant animations and a flawless storyline - this is a definate recommendation to anybody - whether they like anime, cartoons or are a well-seasoned adult, it is an incredibly enjoyable 2hours which are guaranteed to be spent wisely.


  3.  my definitive views of organised religion - top 5* film


    Probably one of the best comedy films i have ever seen.
    The monty python crew have made the definitive film in terms of mocking all organised religion; well made, and through this it has become a tireless favourite that will survive through the future ages (unless it gets a worldwide ban haha).
    The jokes themselves, whilst mocking organised religion have not been made to deliberately offend christians - regardless of the numerous jesus (and other christianity based) jokes. Due to this, the film itself is suitable for nearly all (whilst obeying the 15+ certificate placed on it) and anybody who wishes to just have a good laugh at the expense of religion and many other things will enjoy this 90minutes of pure entertainment.

    A recommended buy with timeless jokes and scraps. 5* Totally worth the money - especially as this is in the discount pile at the moment. Enjoy :)

  4.  overall of it all


    tell you now this is a fairly long review - enjoy :)

    starting at the start (Prophecies):-

    the game which can first is really a must for GuildWars players as the other games feature references to it and this will prove confusing to players who have not ventured through the lush and beautifully designed lands of Tyria (prophecies continent)
    the game is well made with a quality storyline and hundreds of side-quests which either impact upon the storyline or give a further backing to the lore of the storyline...
    the professions of the available characters vary nicly from healers (monk) - warriors - rangers - necromancers (cursers / undead masters) - mesmer (masters of illusion) - elementalists (harnace the power of the elements) - there is something here for everybody...all have advantages and weaknesses compared to others...but when played well can all beat the variety of monsters featured around the game world...

    Factions: (first add on)
    added two new professions (assasin (dagger using combo masters) and ritualists(spirit summoners, who can also do good damage) - these two professions are available to Faction players as well as the 6 generic professions from Prophecies!

    the scenery is still great with 4 distinct zones (starter area - city - jade sea - forest)!

    gameplay is a bit shorter than Prophecies but still providing long play tme with hundreds of additional quests...

    Nightfall (second expansion)

    two more professions added (dervish - scythe wielder, similar to warrior but with less armor but more damage) and paragons (spear users with immense damage and incredible party-wide armor buffs)

    the game has good gameplay again with different zones of scenery, from lush areas to baron wastelands! well designed and crafted for maximum enjoyment!

    the biggest add-on however in NightFall compared to Factions and Prophecies is the option to add heroes to your party (instead of the henchmen available in Factions and Prophecies) these act as allys similar to henchmen but you can customise their weapon sets as well as attribute points and skills - for additional support in battle!

    all of these games have 1000s of skills to choose from for perfect mix and match options...

    fantastic gameplay
    millions of players so you can party up with other people if you wish too!
    many other things as well...

    hope you found this review of some help when it comes to picking this great MMORPG...hope you enjoy your purchase :)

  5.  very underated but probably one of the best


    Very underated film...only saw it by accident but god was i pleased with it...very underated but truely superb....one of the lesser known jc films but one of his best....

  6.  great CD


    superb CD...worth the money definately....would definately rec. this to anyone! enjoy ^^