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  1.  a new type of gaming!


    let me start by saying this, it has got flaws the background music does cut out every now and then and the walking can be fiddly but the story and gameplay mechanics are awesome all 4 characters are enjoyable to play they dont know eachother but their lives get entangled in a pretty gripping plot be warned though it is short about eight hours but there is genuine replayability,you wont have ever played a game like this thats a fact,pure genius.

  2.  truly epic...but


    If your into greek mythology even in the slightest then you will love this game, fighting although is not as deep as id liked is satisfactory for an rpg, yes this game is an rpg..with alot of talking interesting at first but gets a bit drab halfway through i found myself wanting to skip through most of the talks.
    its a bit glitchy when your making your way round the towns and it has froze a few times for me.
    But the developers clearly have reserched this very well and came up wth there own version of jason & the argonaughts whitch truly is superb choice of game with no others of comparison on the market. the graphics on the characters are lifelike some times especially hercules but it seams they could of done better with the towns theyre not dull in the slightest but they could have been better.
    All in all it is a great game, good fighting, amazing story, too much talking, good graphics (not amazing) 7.5 / 10



    The two reviewers obviously forgot to open there eyes whilst at the cinema because this film is 1st class entertainment i was a bit sceptical to see this film but after my sis was banging on about it i decided to give it a chance.
    Its fantastic to say the least pure funny & unique take on a film... you must see this!

  4.  ooooh its pure gold!!


    Theres so much to say about his game, but il start by saying if you aint got it...get it now its possibly the greatest game ever made period.
    Okay the cutscenes are long but to fans like me its pure gold, the creator hideo kojima is nothing short of a genious when it comes to story-telling.
    Storyline is about liquid ocelot having control of the 5 major pmc (private military contractors) companies, liquid just happens to be evil & solid snakes brother so youve been brought out of retirement to bring him down, obviously theres more to it than that but i couldnt possibly scratch the surface of how deep the storyline goes, but what i can tell you is that it gets even more amazing as the game progresses with twist & turns every-where.
    Game-play has evolved massively its got rid of the old annoying shooting mechanics of old & replaced them with over the shoulder aiming like resident evil 4, so now its actually fun to fight which has always been clumsy in the past, dont worry stealth is still the better option especially on the harder difficultys,
    Snakes new octocamo suit is amazing it has the power to take the colour of any thing you hide against & paste it onto your suit, you'll also get the mask to go with it half way through the game so when your in a perfect hiding place you'l be almost invisible to your enemy, oh how i laughed as i shot many bad guy in the head without any-one knowing where i was truly giving you the feel you are the ultimate soldier.
    The boss fights are something else there called the beauty & the beast unit (you'll see why as you play) each one different from the next really requiring you to use your head as you fight.
    Online is fun as well you pretty much use tactics you picked up in the game & use them in devastating effect against your mates & enemies alike..to sum up if you own a ps3 & aint got this game your missing out trust me, this game is so big in japan they shifted an extra 10.000 ps3s on this game alone in 6 days, truly is a next-gen experience & will definately be a fond memory forever.



    amazing graphics for a psp game, the new battle system is excellent bit like ff12 but faster,giving you infinate time to pull off the moves you want, probably did that because you dont have a party of allies to battle with, you play as zack on his own all the way through the game.
    Its got all the same music as the original so it does really feel like youre in the ff7 universe, tells the story perfectly filling in all the missing gaps leading up to what happened to cloud in the original.
    Some of the summons are in i only managed to get bahumut, ifrit & phoenix.
    Theres a new limit break bar called a DMW which is the only way to pull off limits & summonings its totally random as well some fights you may go without others its off every few seconds it depends on your mood as it represents youre anger & emotions in the game..nice touch i thought.
    Ultimately its one for the fans but if youve never played ff7 & your interested in doing so this is the perfect way of getting you started.
    Over all its fantastic game which should be a must buy for any psp owner....but c'mon square-enix why you teasing us with all these spin-offs & films us fans want a re-make of ff7 on ps3...am i right?



    The clues in the title this game is rock hard even on the easiest difficulty you will struggle & loose your patience alot the cheeky lil blighters know this & even throw you an achievment after youve died 100 times be prepared to throw your pad, curse at the screen & howl at just how unfair you think it is... or is that just me.
    If your willing to push that aside & dive into the mind of the worlds hardest man your in for a frantic, heart in mouth action game that will always keep you on your toes, you aint got a chance in hell if you jump in button bashing your way through the bad guys, they will annihilate you, you need to think about how you fight how your going to defeat this giant almost impossible boss with almost no health, but you will do it & feel like god afterwards.
    They push you into devoting your time into mastering the amazing fighting mechanics this game has on offer truly the best sword play ever created on console.
    The variety in weaponry is terrific so if you aint doin well with one weapon you can try with another everyone loves the scythe though & you'l see why when you get it... okay the story line is bunk but that aint what its about this game is designed to give you a challenge that most develpors would never dream of doing they aint got the balls or they aint got a control system thats so responsive its designed so you can always pull off what you want to do at the most crucial of times.
    Theres loads of boss fights some are easy some aint, thats life but there is loads of variety with them none are samey in the slightest witch is a huge plus.
    Levels are hugely varied in colour & locations & this game is huge once you do finally complete it you feel the urge to play again it has massive re-play value you can also get unlockable different colur costume or you buy some via DLC on the market place the only thing that lets it down is the fact it doesnt appeal to casual players i can see alot of them trying it then after dying 50 times trading it in for something else believe me i was close at one stage but if you dare to test your skills & patience by all means try it if you jump the first hurdle your in for a treat.



    if you enjoy your shooters then youve probably already got this game, but if you havent what you waitin for get it, your missing out on possibly the most technically perfect shooter ever made, every 3rd person shooter thats came out since gears of war has looked at gears for inspiration i can almost garantee, even though this game has been out for 2 years it doesnt seem dated in the slightest & easily trumps the rest of the genre.

    Okay youve probably heard that its short.. yeah it is about 8-9 hours on casual mode try it on hardcore see how long it is then, by the time youve done it on that mode youl be ready for playing online which is stil buzzing online even if 90% are american, just get it already..see you online.

  8.  very dark sector!


    Yer first things first the gameplay;
    gunplay is fantastic real meaty,
    the glaive is satisfying performing perfectly timed throws events in severed torso's & heads.
    Fighting in hand to hand combat is pretty lame he does 2 styles of punch & does one style of finisher to each different enemy which i thought was real lazy.
    There are puzzles but they're so easy its more of a waste of time than a brain racker,
    its very linear you always know where to go & what to do & they dont seem to use any colour in it apart from black & grey & that aint a joke you'l see what i mean if you buy it thats the main reason its got 3 stars, what really shines through though are the boss battles they are exciting challenges which vary a lot to keep you on your toes without a doubt the best thing about the game.



    I followed the progress of this game, it had multiple release dates, mainly because it was too closely compared to kane & lynch which sold well but is a badly designed game this one however is not.
    Okay it aint no GOW but it aint supposed to be its an entirely different concept, firstly the aggro-metre is a fresh new idea which works really well it involves one player dishing out the shooting & the other using stealth & eliminating the heart of the problem like sniping uninterupted,compat feels meaty & you can defo feel the difference in upgrades especially the beast of a mini-gun.
    everything revolves around co-op which i liked its 10 times better playing with a mate (either split screen or online) but is also excellent solo, you can pimp your armour & guns which i thought was gonna be lame but is actually quite fun.
    The levels are never samey & all seem different
    If you like your shooters you cant over look this its just too much fun.



    Wow, just finished playin this game 65 hours got the ultimate weapons leveled up to 80, done most of the side quests, found all the places on the map and i wasnt dissapointed in the slightest..yer ok it has framerate problems and theres a few loading screens but so what! that aint enough to make a game as beautiful as this fail,people are banging on about the turn-based battles like they're a thing of the past they aint thats an RPG for you its what they're about,the story line is amazing it was written by a famous novelist in japan and you can so tell had me close to tears at some points, especially the dream sequences (kaim regaining his memories are little short stories) they are the perfect way to give kaim so much depth into his character a truly unique & well thought out touch.
    I just wish there were more rpgs out like this its a rollercoaster ride of emotion and laughs...yer there are laughs mostly by jansen the mortal who joins at the beginning that brings me on to the party not one of them i didnt like which was nice considering ive played a few RPG's in the past which have some extremely annoying party members, its one of those games you just dont want to end people who pick out the little stupid things and make a big issue out of them aint seeing the majesty of lost odyssey, buy it and find out what your missing out on...yer, but is it better than final fantasy = its too early to judge if they make it into a long running franchise like FF then it'l have square-enix worried i can guarantee why because mistwalker ( the developers ) know how to make a brilliant rpg hands down.