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    Being a die-hard starwars film fan, im also one that has played almost every starwars game ever! Having played the classics such as dark forces, tie fighter and rogue squadron, i can honestly say, that this is one of the best games created in ages!! Heres a break down:

    Gameplay : The wiimote and nunchuck provide the definitive experience, force powers couldn't be better to control. Completely natural. No 1-to-1 control of the lightsaber, means 9/10
    Graphics: Not too bad, but not great either. Ps2 visuals, could be better. 7/10
    Music: Great soundtracks from the films and classic games, brilliant. 10/10
    Longetivity: Loads of unlockables, concept art, costumes. Also with a 2 player mode, exclusive to the wii, makes this essential 9/10

    This game is great, and deserves to me bought immediately. You wont regret it! Overall 9/10 (rounded to 5stars)

  2.  Amazing


    This game is a must buy for first person shooter fans. Having previously bough red steel , i found that the controls were just horrid. But this games controls are perfect. Whether you use the wiimote and nunchuck combo, or the wii zapper, the controls are spot on making gameplay amazing. Other feature such as tilting the wii remote to tune a radio, placing the wii mote on your shoulder to imitate placing of a bazooka etc, these all make the difference.
    Online in this game is also great, no friend codes required meaning you can just jump into the action straight away! There is no lag what soever, my friend tried it on dial up, and serious no lag!

    Great game , buy it now ! 5 Star

  3.  Awsome


    Its basically getting almost every Nintendo charector (and more) together , and beating the hell out of each other. its a brilliant game and should be bought immediately. Great single player and co-op mulitplayer as well as a free for all mode too!, and even better Online , so you can brawl with anyone!

    But now!

  4.  Good


    great way to protect your board from all sorts of crap aand sweat. but the thing is i often find myself slipping unless im standing on the the given grip, other than that this is a great peice of kit!

  5.  Abysmal


    Please to do not buy this piece of crud, its absolutely dreadful !!!
    Complete waste of money, buy other better games like Boom Blox or for more depth resident evil , metroid etc....


  6.  Abysmal


    This game is hideous, the graphics are like the Nintendo 64, the gameplay is unresponsive , and just the whole package is Abysmal. Want a proper racing game? Go for Need For Speed Carbon, Now thats a game!

    Avoid at all costs!



    This game is absolutely brilliant. I had this game on the gamecube and now on Wii. I have to say, the Wii version is great!. The Controls are great , as are the music/sound effects, although the graphics are gamecube, they are some of the best seen on Wii yet, so great.

    This game should be bought by every wii owner! Highly Recommend!

  8.  Great!


    I intially was a bit skeptical about this, but after buying this for christmas, i am impressed. Ok, it is a 'light gun' title, but it plays so much better than the average ( e.g time crisis ).

    also a really good 2 player co-op game.
    Recommend for any buyer and a must have for resident evil fans!

  9.  Impressive


    This game is simply sublime. Before buying i was a bit skeptical about whether the controls will work, but they are very responsive and accurate. This game is what Red Steel Tried, but this is the way. Buy this now for all hardcore gamers!!